2019 Blockchain Predictions

2019 Blockchain Predictions

There are quite a number of predictions for Blockchain in the New Year. And they vary, some slightly, others conflicting entirely. Some saying the bitcoin prices will rise back to five figures, others predicting the prices to dive deeper to zero. Others have given an alternative in Stablecoin to be the most preferred in 2019. They all vary, the difference is in the likelihood to occur.

In this article are a number of cryptocurrency and Blockchain predictions for 2019 judging from the most likely prediction to the least.

Emphasis On Products And Applications

It has been a cliché saying that Blockchain would solve all the society’s problems from the global refugee crisis to E.coli-infested lettuce. The bear market has run down the hype and focus has now shifted from the bigger picture, long-term goals to the small concrete projects that people can see and participate in.

Investors Will Be Cautious Of The Small And Risky Crypto Market

This is a prediction by Paul Vigna of the wall street journal. His prediction has been welcomed by experts in the crypto industry who are backing up his claims. His predictions have in fact already started becoming a reality with institutions already cautious of jumping head first especially after last year.

Pressure On The Crypto Sector

Just when you thought last year’s regulators had enough of crypto, they won’t stop in 2019 either. According to Fred Wilson a Blockchain investor and a venture capitalist, he is most concerned of regulators being misguided and aiming at high-quality projects affecting the innovation process. Wilson also warns of hacks, scams and failures in the promising crypto space.

Token Adoption For Content Creators To Increase

Although it’s hard for people to gain trust in cryptocurrencies at the moment, many have been equally discontented in the centralized platforms as well. According to Pompliano and Coindesk, token adoption will be on the increase in the New Year and people will look forward to the democratization of entertainment.

2019; The Year Of The Stablecoin

Lots of people have been so excited about the idea of Stablecoin in 2018. It happens that so many people are asking about it that it’s hard to picture 2019 without a conversation about the concept. But whether they will buy the coin is entirely another story.


The First Breakout Killer App?

Micah Winkelspecht doesn’t know which one will be the killer app, but he’s certain it’s coming. In gaming maybe? He’s sceptical. But he knows that it will fit naturally. While this may sound reasonable, it’s easy to be doubtful when there are over 85 million articles on the next big thing killer app.

More Retailers To Accept Crypto?

Maria Smith of Starbucks suggests that its time global corporations started accepting crypto. But coming from a flagship retailer of the experiment, we think it would take some time to sort out a few more details before we start paying for our lattes in bitcoin.

There have been more predictions and some are a bit too stretchy. For example, the prediction that Malta would be the epicentre of the Blockchain industry and state-backed currencies to rise in 2019 are over-ambitious. But overall, you should be optimistic and at the same time cautious of what the New Year brings in regards to cryptocurrency and Blockchain as a whole.

January 3, 2019

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