5 Signs Crypto Is Ready To Go Mainstream

5 Signs Crypto Is Ready To Go Mainstream

Skeptics doubting the future of crypto needs to take a look at the Consumer Technology Association’s CES. The CES is the biggest trade show in the world held annually in Las Vegas with over 2.7 million net square feet of floor space and over 180,000 tech firms showcasing the latest trend in consumer technology.

There is no doubt that Blockchain and digital currency development is among the disrupting techs to look out for and a force to be reckoned with in the exhibition this year.

This article breaks down a few highlights from the scene so far and reasons why its ready to go mainstream in the next decade;

Retailers Are Curious

The biggest hurdle for cryptocurrency payments is price volatility. But this may not be so with Blockchain technology. The CES 2019 has held a range of enlightening sessions that have addressed this issue for crypto merchants.

Among the participants in the discussions are Maker DAO President Steven Baker and Brock Pierce of Bitcoin foundation who has discussed at lengths on crypto’s viability.

Pundi X entered the CES show with a bang with its new Blockchain based phoned called Function X. the phone has the ability to create an end on end Blockchain based connection between customers and retailers and is definitely raising curiosity.

Crypto Hardware Wallets Are Legit

Wallets and exchanges are shining throughout CES. Ledger and Trezor are some of the best examples of the same. Both are currently camping in Las Vegas and showing off their offering.

The Nano X technology which was introduced by Ledger is a Bluetooth enabled wallet and a step up of the popular Nano S which by end of 2018 sold over 1.5 million units. The Nano X can hold up six times more crypto assets than the Nano S. Ledger is also launching a mobile app that supports both Nano S and Nano X users.


The Decentralization Of Esports, Media And Marketing

Video games, advertising and media, in general, are among the first use cases of Blockchain technology. And the CES provided the best platform to showcase this.

CTA’s Jack Cuts and Sara Bruno even paired in a presentation to show how the technology relieves ad agencies the pain of losing millions to ad fraud.

The Future Is Mobile

The CES 2019 has made it clear that Blockchain is fundamental in the future Internet of Things environment. CBS’s Teena Maddox spoke to IBM’s Jason Kelley and Louise Keely at length regarding the future of the technology.

Flying drones, robots, autonomous cars were also among the Blockchain using technologies on display at the event.

ICOs Are Complicated

CES 2019 had a 90-minute session about ICOs, tokens, cryptos and VCs. The show had Rob Pegoraro of USA Today discussing ICO’s pitfalls.

Tim Draper, Sam Trautwin and Mathew Roszak were also among the participants who shared their experiences. Of course, not all their experiences have been positive, there have been tough lessons to learn from the industry and instead of pulling out, they are applying the lessons and moving forward.

As the decade is closing by, Blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies are getting sophisticated and there is hope moving forward towards 2020.

January 8, 2019

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