Chief Ecosystem Officer: The New Title In Blockchain Companies

Chief Ecosystem Officer: The New Title In Blockchain Companies

It’s normal for employees working in a startup company to find themselves with job responsibilities that don’t fit their titles. It’s almost certainly so in an emerging industry as well. So, what most people do when the title doesn’t fit is, make a new one.

Currently, the focus in the Blockchain industry is on ecosystems and building them. And it’s not something that would happen overnight. There has to be teamwork in terms of combining strategies and elements not just in building but in maintaining the ecosystem as well.

This article looks at the Chief Ecosystem Officer title and why any serious Blockchain firm needs one.

The Roadmap To The CECO Role

Once, the Blockchain industry was struggling to get itself known. The industry just wasn’t getting enough media coverage and many people didn’t have the access to information regarding the technology and why it was poised to be the future.

Then suddenly everything changed with the explosion of ICOs. And now information was everywhere. The struggle now changed to battling misinformation about the technology and industry as a whole. Most of the information out there was marketing-based rather than educational. And so has been the role.

Responsibilities Of The Chief Ecosystem Officer

according to Forbe’s Samantha Radoccla, the role is really a combination of marketing, growth, product development, thought leadership and business model development. But here’s a breakdown of the responsibilities associated with the role.

• Ecosystem acquisition or conversion

The CECO role job title has a bit of similarity with the traditional enterprise business development. In addition to the similarities is a bit of evangelism in terms of consultations and outreach.

The CECO also handles inbound requests and works to convert them besides meeting people with the potential of being ecosystem champions. These are individuals using leading positions with the potential of being use cases for Blockchain.

• Ecosystem incubation

The role handles the internally incubated ecosystems, tools and businesses. These roles are not entirely dissimilar from each other, in fact, they are exactly alike. Some companies prefer building and launching ecosystems internally for use by one industry, others prefer ecosystems built on top of existing protocols. The CECO is accountable for these initiatives at least until they can stand on their own feet.

• Ecosystem growth and retention

This part of the position involves additional technical evangelism and ensuring developers running the ecosystem know what’s going on.


For example, when launching a protocol to automate payments. There will be a need for some elemental marketing procedures where users will need a demonstration on how they can be creative in using the protocol in the ecosystem to improve their businesses.

The Set Skill Required Of A CECO

The role requires pure creativity besides having an analytical aspect. An individual with a mix of experiences would be ideal provided they can work creatively in the area of product design and development.

The CECO will also need to be cross-functional. Different skill sets come into play and when sometimes teams grows to include all. The skill sets include customer acquisition, ecosystem managers, conversion specialist and business analyst may be needed.

Blockchain companies need to begin looking at the role with gravity. It’s a step in the right direction.

January 11, 2019

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