Us Department Of Defence Exploring Blockchain For Relief Efforts

Us Department Of Defence Exploring Blockchain For Relief Efforts

The Department of Defence for the United States has said that it is looking into utilizing Blockchain technology in improving disaster relief efforts.

Blockchain To Aid In The Delivery Of Relief Services

The Troop support division convened a meeting, which took place in Philadelphia at the beginning of this month, which was seeking ways it could improve on its delivery of relief efforts in Puerto Rico, efforts it has already described as successful so far. Puerto Rico was hit with Hurricane Maria last year whose effects are still fresh to this day. The Troop Support division, which is under the Defence Logistics Agency, had the meeting held by its CPI (Continuous Process Improvement) office.

According to the reports of the event made by DLA, Elijah Londo, who is a management analyst at CPI, has stated that the potential of using Blockchain in the relief efforts is ‘absolutely enormous’ adding that the new disruptive technology is changing people’s trust in transactions much in the same way the internet changed how the world communicates.

As of now, the DLA is utilizing centrally managed systems in the tracking of logistics processes. These systems make it hard to bring in other parties to ensure synchronization of data and that the data being tracked is correct and up-to-date. The report said that through Blockchain technology the agency will be able to accurately track data which would lead to the improvement of the processes used in the supply chain transactions. It would also enable the agency to have better visibility of the shipment while in transit according to the report.


Research On Blockchain Technology Application

Marko Graham said that this was the area where the benefits of Blockchain technology would be the handiest in boosting the relief efforts, in the tracking of shipments. He said that it would be easier for the agency to track the whole process of getting the relief materials to their destination, from the source or manufacturer to getting the appropriate transportation. Graham is the DLA’s Construction and Equipment unit’s deputy director.

The CPI is looking into ways of improving the delivery of its services by collaborating with the U.S. Transportation Command and Maersk. The shipping giant will be partnering with IBM in building a Blockchain based supply chain platform.

Londo said that the agency will be researching on the technology and learning more about what it is and the reaction the industry is having to it. He added that in a bid to do due diligence they would also be looking into the future Blockchain technology has, its application to supply chains and how other industries have applied it.

Other Agencies Exploring Blockchain

Other United States government agencies are also exploring the possible use cases of Blockchain technology. The latest was the Department of Homeland Security which announced that it is looking to employ Blockchain technology in preventing the use of fake documentation. To this end, the agency will be offering an $800,000 grant to start-ups which can come up with Blockchain solutions for the problem.

December 28, 2018

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