3 Crypto Investment Funds Launched By An Israeli Firm

3 Crypto Investment Funds Launched By An Israeli Firm

An investment firm from Israel has introduced two crypto funds and has revealed that a third one is coming soon. According to the CEO, the three funds have some of the best investment strategies that would be a game changer in the market. The funds are all registered and licensed as per the regulations of Cayman Islands. They have been made available for both accredited and institutional investors.

About The Three Funds

The newly introduced two cryptocurrency firms have been launched by Silver Castle. In addition to that, this crypto investment company has also revealed that the third crypto fund is just awaiting its official launch. The company is now targeting a total of $50 million in terms of assets under management towards the end of the year.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Eli Mizroch, the first fund has some of the best features in the market. Apart from being algo-based, it is also long and short on BTC and the leading cryptos, and momentum-driven.

The second fund is wholly invested in the leading ten coins and is also a smart beta. The CEO went further to express their aim of introducing a third fund. It would be a VC fund and would also take part in the first quarter of 2019’s token offerings.

The First Of Its Kind

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Silver Castle has been described as the first dedicated Israeli investment company for accredited and institutional investors. It has both its branded crypto-algo network and security protocol to top it up. Here, the smart beta comes together and join the passive investing systems with the active ones. The first fund that has been launched by this Tel Aviv-based investment firm would pick the first five largest coins in terms of market cap.

Speaking further on that issue, the top management of the company stated that the algorithmic trading system has been adequately tested. It has been used in-house for a period that exceeds one year. During that time, the system has brought in high-double-digit returns in terms of dollars. This has happened despite the plunge that has been witnessed in the market this year.

More About The Funds

On the other hand, the second fund is wholly invested and automated. Besides that, it provides trading for the leading ten coins, as placed based on their algorithms. As noted earlier, Silver Castle projects to raise up to $50 million under management towards the end of the year. Among other things that the company does is to offer advice to companies on security token offerings and ICOs. It also manages the cryptocurrency-based assets and invests in the blockchain technology programs.

According to the Israeli Blockchain Association’s founding partner, Gadi Isaev, the launch of these crypto funds is a landmark event. Silver Castle is made up of not only pioneers but great leaders who have shaped the whole market. This explains why the Israeli financial industry has been fairing on well in the last couple of days.

November 22, 2018

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