About Us

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are among the most important innovations in recent times after the invention of the Internet. ICOreign.com strongly supports the financial freedom that Cryptocurrencies provide to the users.

The virtual currencies run on a decentralized network that uses blockchain technology enabling even those sidelined by governments and financial institutions to access financial services. We are ICOreign.com, a blockchain and Cryptocurrency information center.
We provide our visitors with the latest news about the sector from around the world. Our seasoned authors have been in the sector for years and deliver informative articles that can improve your decision making if you are a Crypto trader. We understand that nothing can be as inspiring as meeting with like-minded people across the globe. We have a section on Crypto Summit on our website where we let our readers know in advance the places the Crypto community is meeting. It is in such forums where people display their Crypto and blockchain products to their prospective financiers and customers.

At ICOreign.com, we also have ICO List section that enables project leaders to reach a larger audience. The visitors also get a chance to know about forthcoming ICOs that they can invest in. We have experts who rate these projects to make it easy for our readers to select the most promising ones.