AIRP2P – The Only Cloud-Based P2P PC Platform In The World

AIRP2P – The Only Cloud-Based P2P PC Platform In The World

AirP2P is a project that promises to enhance people to use high-end simulated computers online. The platform will allow the access through the use of any device, as long as it is connected to high-speed Internet.1


Token symbol: P2P
Main Sale: August 3 – September 15
Token exchange rate: 1 ETH = 687,500 P2P
Total tokens: 16,500,000,000 P2P
Minimum transaction amount: 10,000 P2P
Acceptable currencies: ETH

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Challenges With The Current Technological Development

The world of computers and systems has experienced rapid improvements in recent years. However, the pace at which the technology has upgraded has made it impossible for some people to make due modifications. One of the greatest factors that have led to this problem is a lack of funds as these computers systems are very expensive.

The P2P project is expected to address this challenge and allow the users to enjoy the benefits associated with these mega-machines. The platform will rely on Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency to allow the renting of computing technology. The introduction of this technology will enable people from different parts of the world to easily access advanced computing technology.

How AirP2P System Works

AirP2P is crypto-token that relies on Ethereum to enable the users to make necessary transfers and transactions. The network is based on Blockchain technology. The technology comes with benefits such as faster computing, customer anonymity, security, and better clarity.

The new technology uses simulated software to allow the users to enjoy the benefits of using high-power computers. This software will eliminate the need to upgrade or purchase powerful machines. The ideal is crucial as it will allow people like the students, active gamers, and graphic designers among others access high-end processing power, especially when they cannot afford to purchase them. The use of AirP2P tokens will enable the users to rent these systems.

AirP2P has not been designed to just support renting. The entire technology will rely on those who have access to these powerful machines to feed the system. Those who rent their machines will earn p2p tokens. The tokens can then be used to access other services on the platform still related to computing technology.

The Benefits Of AirP2P Technology

The project relies on Blockchain technology, which is a decentralized system thereby allowing user anonymity. It also makes the system incorruptible.

The p2p tokens are Ethereum-based hence easy to mine and more stable. The token will take about 14 seconds to mine, which is a shorter time compared to most of the other cryptos.

Given that Ethereum technology is used to power Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, the users are assured of enjoying the same architectural integrity.2

AirP2P on Social Media

AirP2P has a strong presence in social media, where it interacts with prospective investors and the public at large. The project is on Twitter and Telegram where it responds to any questions raised by users. Social media has enabled the company to reach more people.


AirP2P is a lucrative project to invest in, as it is likely to gain popularity among lovers of high-end simulated computers who cannot afford them. Although emerging technologies are very powerful, their high cost is making them inaccessible to many people, which will make AirP2P popular.

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July 11, 2018

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