ALIGATOCOIN – A New Dimension of e-Commerce

ALIGATOCOIN – A New Dimension of e-Commerce

Aligatocoin is an e-commerce platform that connects sellers and customers. The blockchain network has a secure payment mechanism, as well as a drone delivery feature to ensure that the transfer of products between the buyers and sellers is seamless.

Aligatocoin Token


Token Symbol: ALC
Platform: (ERC20) Ethereum
Cryptocurrency Selling Price Per ALC: 0.50 USD
Minimum Contribution: $1
Total Token Supply: 100,000,000 ALC
Payments Methods: USD, PLN, ATB, DOGECOIN, LTC, ETH and BTC
Country: Poland
Pre-ICO Period: 20/04/2018-29/07/2018 (Complete)
ICO Period: 30/07/2018-30/08/2018 (Ongoing)
Soft Cap: 1 million ALC
Goal: 35 million ALC
Hard Cap: 70 million ALC
Distribution of Token Funds: 70% for ICO investors and 30% for Aligato Blockchain

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The Background

Internet shops, trading platforms, distributors, customers, payment systems, sources, and providers are all vital players in the channels of trade. However, the conventional systems are in fragments leading to lack of transparency and lengthy transaction processes leading to additional overhead costs.

Although significant progress has been done in developing e-commerce networks to solve the problem. The system seems unable to cope with the increased demand for the services leading to inconveniences that the systems had a mission of abolishing in the first place.

The global industry is expected to hit new highs of $4 trillion in 2021, therefore, there is a need for a system that will offer a one-stop shop solution to ensure that users benefit and a large number of market players is served.

Aligatocoin Features

The Features

  • Artificial Intelligence

This aspect will be used in making the search for products on the network easy, customer-friendly and unbeatable.

  • Eye Payment Solution

The feature will be used to facilitate secure allocation of tokens in exchange for goods and services. It will be enabled by smartphone or computer cameras. This will ensure that third parties cannot hack into the blockchain and buy goods and services with other users’ tokens.

  • Drone Products Delivery

This solution will eliminate the additional shipping costs, long time deliveries, and any other risks that the conventional e-commerce models pose. Instead, drones will be used to identify the location of the user and deliver the commodity.

  • Tokenization of Transactions

Cryptocurrencies are revolutionary in that they cushion people from fiat money inflationary pressures as well as guaranteeing stability. The ALC token will be assigned on the Proof of Work model from customer wallet to the shop owner’s wallet.  The Tokens will also have liquidity against other digital coins and fiat monies.

  • Global Logistics

The Aligatocoin will not be for Poland alone, it will connect e-commerce shops and clients at all points in the world.

  • Active Community

To ensure that there is a consensus. The users will be able to meet and share ideas on the social media platforms as well as the on-platform forum.

Aligatocoin e-Commerce


The Aligatocoin Blockchain is at the forefront of disrupting the e-commerce industry with cutting-edge features. The network is secure, transparent, rewarding, democratically controlled on consensus and also decentralized. The Aligatocoin Wallet will allow users to exchange their ALC on the crypto exchanges as well as using them as units of value on online shop transactions.

August 22, 2018

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