The First Global Blockchain-Based Platform For Buying And Renting Luxe Property

ALLUXE is a project that will use Blockchain technology to change the way people buy and rent luxury property. The project will use the latest technologies, the Blockchain, and smart contracts to develop new standards to facilitate the financial relationship between all the parties namely the sellers, lessors, third parties, and lessees.

Alluxe Token


Symbol: LXC token
Type: ERC20
Pre-sale dates: July 12 – August 16
Main sale dates: August 23 – September 26
Price per token: 0.0004 ETH per LXC
Exchange: 1 ETH = 2,500 LXC
Currencies accepted: DSH, LTC, BCH, ETH, BTC, USD, EUR
Soft cap: $1,800,000
Hard cap: $16,500,000

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The Current Luxury Market Sector

The popularity of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology has continued to grow in different sectors. Furthermore, even the number of affluent people who have embraced the virtual currencies has grown significantly. Most of them have joined the sector through various areas such as trading and investing in Cryptocurrencies, crypto mining, and initial public offerings (ICO) among others.

The emergence of the virtual currencies has also led to the formation of a new class of wealthy individuals known as crypto elite. However, one of the biggest challenges that this group is facing is the slow use of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology in the luxury segment. The wealthy crypto community now has a few options when it comes to using the digital assets to buy luxury goods.

Alluxe Luxury Platform

The Role Of ALLUXE In The Luxury Segment

ALLUXE will allow the use of Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency in the luxury segment. The project will help in addressing challenges common in the market. Furthermore, ALLUXE will bring various benefits to the sector in various ways.

ALLUXE will be a global Blockchain-based platform that will let clients use one service to purchase, sell, and rent different products. The company will only be available in selected parts of the world. The firm will also ensure that there is maximum security and data is kept in a safe way.

The company will create a luxury marketplace. This will make it easy for many partners with different luxury goods to meet with potential buyers or lessees. It will also become easy for customers of luxury products to find their preferred items.

Some of the luxury products that ALLUXE will be dealing with include jewelry, luxury watches, choppers, sports and premium cars, private jets, some motorcycle brands, yachts, luxury real estate and hotels. LXC token holders will use the coins to make both internal and external payments to all the members of the ALLUXE platform. Furthermore, the holders will enjoy better offers when they pay using the tokens.

Alluxe PlatformALLUXE On Social Media

ALLUXE is present in various social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram. Social has provided an avenue for the company to keep their prospective investors and customers informed of recent developments. Moreover, it has enabled the company to interact with the general public willing to learn more about the project. Social media has made it possible for ALLUXE to reach more people than it would have achieved in its absence.


ALLUXE is joining a sector that has lagged behind the others in the use of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Given the many benefits that the company will bring to this market, many people are expected to embrace the idea. Once launched, many players in this segment will have every reason to become members and try the new services.

July 26, 2018

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