Amazon Web Services Introduces A New Managed Blockchain Service

Amazon Web Services Introduces A New Managed Blockchain Service

Amazon is one of the retail giants that merchandises nearly everything. The retail giant has a cloud computing platform subsidiary known as the Amazon Web Services – AWS. According to an announcement that was made on the 30th of April 2019, the Amazon Managed Blockchain is now fully available.

How The Product Is Set To Operate

The main aim of the product is to enable the clients to set up blockchain networks within their organizations. It works with both the Hyperledger and Ethereum open source frameworks to operate. However, there is something that is so notable about this new service. Amazon states that the service can scale to offer support to a huge number of transactions all at once. The system works with what is referred to as the Blockchain-as-a-service – BaaS. This service will give various businesses an opportunity to develop their own networks faster and at a very reduced cost. As this happens, it also works to get rid of the need to provision hardware. It also does other things such as creating and managing certificates for the access control, installing software, and configuring the settings of the network.

Announced Late Last Year

Amazon made the announcement to launch a managed blockchain service towards the end of last year. Amazon Web Services is now opening that new service for availability of the general public. Barely a couple of months ago, Amazon made another announcement. This was through Andy Jassy, who is the chief executive of the Amazon Web Services. He stated that the company had opted to reverse the course on its previous dismissal of the blockchain technologies. The chief executive also made another announcement. He pointed out that the company has opted to lay out a new service that it plans to develop on top of open source frameworks. These open source frameworks include the Ethereum, and Hyperledger Fabric.

Word From AWS’ General Manager

Many customers desire to use blockchain frameworks to make blockchain networks so that they can carry out various operations fast. However, they want that to work without the need for a decentralized authority. According to AWS’ General Manager, these frameworks become so difficult to install, manage and configure. Amazon Managed Blockchain service steps in to take care of all these.


Established Companies On Board

The new services by Amazon Web Services appear to appeal to a number of some established companies across the globe. There are a number of established firms that have already signed up to use the company’s services. One of them is AT&T Business, a subsidiary of the telecommunication guru, AT&T. Nestle is also not left behind. Another notable entity that has signed to use this new services if the Singapore Exchange, which is the major Singaporean investment market. The announcement has ushered Amazon Web Services to the league of other big enterprise players in the market. They include the IBM as well as the Azure from Microsoft. AWS now joins all these giant enterprises in the blockchain as a service game.

May 1, 2019

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