Apres stands for Anonymous Speech. It is a Blockchain that aims to provide a platform where the freedom of speech is upheld. It aims to counter the suppression of expression and news dissemination that is growing by the day, in not only the third world countries but even in developed societies like the USA, China, Russia, etc.

Apres ICO


Token: APS
Total Token Supply: 5,000,000,000
Starting price of the Token = 0.008 USD/ APS
Platform: Ethereum
Token Contract: ERC20
Bonus: Available
Crowdsale: Yes
Accepting: ETH
Min or Max Personal Cap: TBA
Soft Cap: TBA
Hard Cap: 40,000 ETHS
Crowdsale Start Date: March 2018
Crowdsale Completion Date: When the Hard Cap is Reached
Country: Germany
Whitelist: None
KYC: None

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Apres Roadmap

The Challenges Facing Freedom of Expression and Speech

Journalists and people with vital information have for long been on a slippery path of notifying the public of the events in the societies. Some have been physically assaulted, insulted, branded traitors, threatened, or sometimes murdered by people whose dealings they expose. Furthermore, some governments in authoritarian countries such as Pakistan. Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Russia, Saudi Arabia, China and even Turkey are increasingly prohibiting free press gagging their media.

Additionally, there is another problem of media bias where writers and reporters report based on their personal convictions and distorted truths. This is the reason why various studies show that only 33% of the USA Public trust the media; a figure that drops to 24% in the UK.

The media outlets lack a global audience due to language barriers and homegrown media outlets services that lack an international perspective. Apres will provide a global ecosystem where the public and journalists will interact and share information.

Lastly, the anonymity of information providers is often not guaranteed given that some individuals can go to great lengths to uncover the “leaker”. Apres will be a safe haven for journalists with the ability to report the sensitive and risky news.

The Solution

The Apres Blockchain will be used by multiple users. These individuals will be able to download files and access information from encrypted sources. Moreover, the Blockchain will comprise of features that enable posting of news, review of information and commenting on posts to foster the spirit of transparency and openness.

Synonymous to Blockchains, the news or any addition cannot be modified by any party. The information will be available to the public until expiry of the period.

To ensure complete decentralization, the Apres blockchain will not be based on central servers but an ecosystem of user servers.

The Benefit of Apres

The participants will be rewarded with tokens for their activities. Users will be able to access their token either through the Ethereum Wallet or the Google Metamask wallet that are safe and secure.

The Apres Blockchain will give a voice to the suppressed and highlight the plight of the oppressed from whichever location on earth. This will contribute immensely to the human awakening and drive out the hidden evils that are often hidden from the world.

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Apres is a decentralized journalism Blockchain. It aims to create a news platform with a global outlook and free from human manipulation. The ecosystem will provide a free press that reports on the true and fair news. The APS token will reward participants and serve as a social reward to journalists for their effort in reporting hidden truths.

July 19, 2018

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