According to an announcement made by the news network La Vanguardia, the Spanish city of Aragon’s government has set aside more than 12 million Euros to be used in developing the Industry 4.0. Among the technologies to be looked into is Blockchain technology, AI (artificial intelligence) as well as other emerging technologies going by the February 12th announcement.

Program To Promote Industry 4.0 Technologies

Some of the funds allocated will be coming from the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) which is part of the Operational Program of Aragon. The allocated funds will be channeled towards developing the industrial property, projects’ consultation, projects analysis as well as project planning. According to the report the amount that was allocated was originally half the amount that had been reported.

The program has been reportedly launched with the aim of promoting various objectives among which is educating and promoting the technologies that come with the Industry 4.0 concept, technologies that include the distributed ledger technology. According to the report the program will be looking to attract players from different sectors of industry which will include technology firms and research centers that will be tasked with looking into digital solutions to be used in the industry.

The program has also been designed with the purpose of assisting SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) adopt digital processes into their systems and products. The program will also be helping technology companies to come up with R&D (Research and Development) that will promote the adoption of digital processes in the industry.

The Promotion of Blockchain Technology in Aragon

Earlier this year the APBA (Port Authority of the Bay of Algeciras), based in Spain, came to an agreement with IBM. Under the agreement, the APBA will be collaborating with IBM in the development of a shipping platform based on the Blockchain dubbed Tradelens. Though the platform, APBA will purportedly be able to exchange information in a secure and efficient manner. The authority will also be able to share documentation with the partners who are in the supply chain in the same way.


Within the same month that the agreement between APBA and IBM was announced, Respol, an energy company based in Madrid, announced that it had been able to successfully test a Blockchain pilot that would allow it to boost the quality of its products’ safety certification. Through the utilization of Blockchain technology Respol will be able to limit the frequency of errors and thereby saving up to 400,000 euros every year.

Aragon has been dedicatedly striving to establish itself as a Blockchain hub. Last year the city established itself as the first city in Spain to use Blockchain technology for its public administration. The news was announced on the 17th of September by the Europa Press which is a local news agency.

Aragon’s Public Administration On the Blockchain

The Finance and Public Administration counsellor Fernando Gimeno signed the agreement that would make this possible with Alastria which is a Blockchain ecosystem comprising of over 274 entities. During that time Gimeno stated that Blockchain was important for public administration.

February 15, 2019

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