Argentina Public Transportation Can Now Be Paid With Bitcoin

Argentina Public Transportation Can Now Be Paid With Bitcoin

For a long time, the national contactless smart card has been applied for public transportation in Argentina. The good news is that the card can now be loaded with Bitcoins. In a nutshell, public transportation in Argentina can now be paid using Bitcoin. The cards can be used in subways, trains, buses and motorbikes. They are available for rides in the capital Buenos Aires and the entire 37 cities in the country. That was according to the information posted on the country’s government official website.

The SUBE Cards Can Be Topped Up With Bitcoins

The rechargeable contactless smart card is referred to as SUBE – Sistema Único de Boleto Electrónico. Users of this card can now begin funding it using the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Starting from Thursday, the cards would be ready for use for transportation in the 37 Argentinian cities. The cards have had a special promotion from the Argentine Secretary of Transportation. According to the government website, their use is valid in motorboats, subways, trains and buses. For those who want to travel by subte or bus in the capital Buenos Aires, they will need to get the SUBE card. The information was also posted on the official website of Buenos Aires tourism department.

How Bitex And Alto Viaje Have Easened Up Things

Top up of the SUBE cards with Bitcoin has really been made easy. This is due to the partnership of Bitex, a fintech startup and Alto Viaje, an online card funding platform. On the official government’s SUBE website, Alto Viaje is listed as one of the official vendors that holders of the card can use. Alto Viaje also shared the information on its main site. It stated that SUBE is the only card that enable card holders to play for public transportation in the South American country. At the moment, Alto Vaije offers two main funding methods for SUBE card holders. They are the Bitcoin and PayPal. The platform is planning to introduce funding via Rapipago. Alto Viaje opted to use the infrastructure of Bitex due to the liquidity and technology that it has. This is one of the most necessary conditions to face a project of this magnitude.


Integrating Technology To The Common People

Some of the top ranking officials of these two companies have lauded the efforts by the government of Argentina to work with them. Manuel Beaudroit, the CMO of Bitex was quoted saying that the project is of significant importance. This is because it introduces the new technology as disruptive as BTC to the common people. That move alone shows the applications and the true value it has in daily life. The director of Alto Viaje, Luciano Verardo also had something to say. He says that his company is mainly interested in offering not only safe but also innovative services to users. The director of Alto Viaje had other important comments to add. He said the alliance has enabled the intergration of the payments with BTC as well as other possibilities of the financial inclusion for companies and people.

February 8, 2019

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