AT&T, US Telecom Giant Now Accepts Payments In Bitcoin Cash

AT&T, US Telecom Giant Now Accepts Payments In Bitcoin Cash

On the 23rd of May 2019, one of the all-time telecom giants in the US made a big announcement in the telecom market. AT&T announced that its customers will now be able to pay their bills in virtual coins. The bills will be paid via BitPay. AT&T has become the first top American mobile and landline carrier that has ever accepted Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash for payments

AT&T Is Now Accepting Payments In Cryptocurrency

AT&T is one of the leading US multinational telecom giants that has been in the business for quite long. It has now made a partnership with BitPay to enable customers pay their bills with the cryptos. When customers log on to their accounts, they will be able to use the AT&T online platform and choose BitPay as the option for payment. This will give the clients an opportunity to access the invoice portal of BitPay, where they will be able to select both Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash coins to pay their bills. The customer base of AT&T is growing very fast and the company is now ranked at position nine in the American Fortune 500 rankings. The rankings are based on the company’s total revenue.

Giving The Clients More Payment Options

AT&T opted to partner with BitPay to accept the two leading virtual coins in the whole world, BTC and BCH. This is because the company is interested in offering payment alternatives to serve its customers in a better manner. The company is focused in offering its clients more options of payments. This is according to Kevin Mcdorman, the vice president of the communications finance business operations of AT&T. Mcdorman stated that they are always in search of ways to expand and improve the services that they offer to their clients. During the announcement, the vice president also stated that they have customers who use the virtual currency. He stated that he is so happy his company can offer them a cheaper means of paying their bills.


Great News To The Digital Currency Lovers

At the moment, the option has not been made available at the AT&T stores. The virtual coins can still not be used to buy mobile products or devices. The partnership that BitPay has had only works with the bill pay services of the telecom firm. AT&T began off as the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company back in 18880. Since its rebranding to the AT&T, the telecom firm has positioned itself as the second largest mobile service in the United States. It is also the leading landline provider and has been in the position for quite long. The fans of the virtual coins all over social media have been so happy to learn of the latest developments in the market. The fans of the two major crypto coins in the market; Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core are also not left behind. They celebrated their joy at a Reddit forum that goes by the name r/btc. The news that the large merchant began accepting the virtual currency was received with a lot of joy.

May 25, 2019

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