Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a Token that is native to Brave platform. This is a Blockchain network that allows all users to shield their internet connections from third party advertisements.

The privacy-focused browser also shields users from trackers that slow down internet connections by consuming bandwidths. BAT Tokens, therefore, are designed to incentivize advertisers, users, and all publishers so that they can generate revenue depending on their online activities.

BAT Solves Problems In Digital Advertising

BAT Token helps to solve important problems such as the fact that Digital Advertising is characterized by middlemen, fraud, and trackers. These parties act in an uncontrolled environment that is not designed to serve in the interest of users, publishers, and advertisers of digital content. However, BAT Token and its Ethereum-based ecosystem steps in and offers, to stakeholders, value for their services in regards to online ads consumption solving the following issues-


Violation of User’s Rights

Internet users incur up to 50% costs in mobile data charges as ads and trackers run in their browsers’ backgrounds.
 Online ads slow down internet loading time by up to 5 seconds.
 Online ads limit battery life by up to 21%.
 Over 70 trackers on media sites violate privacy.
 Ads increase the risk of malware deployment by 132%.

Inconveniences To Publishers

Facebook and Google take the lion share of ads returns by up to 73%.
 Revenue has been falling and is currently 66% down.
 Bots-inflicted fraud led to a loss of $7.2 billion in 2018.
 Bots inflicted $7.2 billion in fraud last year.
 Ad-blocking is becoming more common as 600 million desktops and mobile phones apply this software.
 It is impossible to monetize value-added services.

Advertisers Are Losing

Users ignore ads because of poor targeting.
 Advertisers incur costs for loading content which they cannot justify.
 There are fake websites and bots that are fraudulent which make marketers to lose out.

Blockchain Digital Advertising

BAT Token allows holders to access and use a Blockchain-based browser that has cutting-edge characteristics such as efficiency, decentralization, transparency, and open sourced. It is an ERC-20 Token type that can be stored in Ethereum wallets.


Measuring Attention

Attention is the basic component that the Brave browser uses to award all stakeholders. Firstly, the users are assigned BAT in return to the attention that they give to online ads as measured by the Blockchain. Brave guarantees privacy to users’ data and online activity.

Secondly, publishers also receive BAT when the users that they target pay attention to digital marketing content. This raises revenues as more users pay attention to ads.


Lastly, advertisers are able higher ROI on their efforts as fraud decreases and targeting becomes effective.

Attention is measured in real time and the value is calculated based on pixels in view and the incremental duration that a user spends on an ad while taking prior online engagements into consideration.

Additionally, the Brave network also uses machine learning algorithms match customer interests and ads that appear on their browsers to limit the problems that the traditional web network suffers from.

Additionally, BAT can be redeemed for Cryptocurrencies on platforms such as Huobi, Bittrex, etc.

January 16, 2019

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