BGX – The Most Powerful Decentralized Processing Platform

BGX – The Most Powerful Decentralized Processing Platform

BGX is a project that will use BGX token to introduce investors, game developers, and gamers to the crypto economy in the gaming industry. The company will be among the first ones to introduce Blockchain technology and AI in gaming.


Token: BGX
Price of token: 1BGX = USD 0.10
Pre-Sale: May 8 – May 14
Sales date: May 22 – June 19, 2018
Type of Token: ERC20
TGE platform: Ethereum
Softcap: USD 4,000,000
Hardcap: USD 50,000,000
Maximum Emission: 1,000,000,000

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BGX Platform

During BGX development in 2017, these following technological groups were invited:

• The XELOPES Project (St-Petersburg) – This group was studying the applicability of AI in the financial sector. The project was led by Dr. Barseghyan and A.P. Parkhomenko, a professor at the State Voronezh University.

• The QUICKLINK Project (Toronto, St-Petersburg) – It executes a processing platform for micro-transactions.

• The TITAN Project (Vietnam) – The group working on a messaging platform with crypto-wallet capabilities.

The BGX Company was formed to facilitate the development of a fully functional financial system in mobile games. The project is open source, thereby allowing external developers to take part. Rewards are given in the form of BGX Tokens.

BGX has been hailed for being the first integration platform in gaming to use AI with attention on processing. As a result, gaming enjoys a technological solution. Moreover, it enhances the creation of a democratic economic system

BGX has come at the right time as the gaming industry is experiencing rapid growth. Furthermore, the sector appears to be the most ready for the adoption of blockchain technology. The various internal game tokens and virtual goods traded is a clear demonstration of the applicability of the technology in the sector.

The advantages of BGX to investors, partners, and gamers

BGX• Investing in the project allows the investor to be part of this promising project.

• It also gives the investors to access the robust mobile games market.

• The gamers get a chance to connect their games with the promising crypto economy that comes with unlimited financial opportunities.

• The use of blockchain and AI provides the gamers with reliable and secure payment methods.

• They also get a chance to release their tokens on the platform.

• The gamers can buy game tokens using the Cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

• The gamers can have virtual wallets where they can earn tokens when promoting the games or as a loyalty reward.

BGX on Social Network

BGX has a Telegram group that provides a platform for the company to communicate with interested parties. Some of the important issues discussed on the platform include crucial dates and the current stages of the project. The company is always responsive, providing conclusive answers to any questions raised.

The company also engages the public on its Twitter account. It uses the platform to provide more information about blockchain technology and the use of AI in the gaming sector. Moreover, BGX gets a chance to communicate important updates on the social media network. The company also responds and clarifies any issue raised on its project on the platform.

BGX has emerged as the strongest decentralized processing system. Impressive sales were recorded during the Pre-Sale and Private Sales phases. The company has introduced new capabilities to make the system even more powerful. Registering with the company can be done by visiting their website.



Given the increasing popularity of the mobile gaming industry, BGX will be one of the best investments. The many benefits it brings to all the players in the sector, it will be easily embraced and adopted.

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June 12, 2018

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