Binance DEX Has A Lot To Achieve In The Future

Binance DEX Has A Lot To Achieve In The Future

Looking at it could not be easy, but the fact is that Binance DEX is destined to become one of the best performing exchanges in the whole cyber world. At the moment, the only token that is tradable there is MITH. However, the exchange has stated that it will soon introduce another token known as NOW, which would be the first token to appear on the Binance Chain. There are also plans to add hundred other tokens to the chain if the CZ has his way. One could question how accessible the coin is, especially to users of countries that are do not have access to the centralized exchanges. Questions have also been raised regarding the extent to which Binance DEX is decentralized.

Binance Focused On Completely Changing The Dex

For a long time, the decentralized exchanges are not much fun. They have been decentralized by low liquidity, poor UX, as well as a very slow execution of onchain orders. But Binance DEX is planning to change all that, with an interface that appear exactly like the parent exchange. Binance also has plans of upgrading the block times that are just a few seconds. This will make sure that all operations are rapidly settled. At least, virtual currency projects appear to be sold on it, with a huge number having applied to be listed on Binance DEX after joining the Chain. Change Now is the first project that has officially been added to the Binance Chain. It is currently in the midst of carrying out a token swap, and is expected to join the list of decentralized exchanges. This is according to the tweets from Changpeng Zhao, the chief executive officer of Binance CEO.

How To Get Started With Binance DEX

For the beginners, there is a wallet creation tutorial that will be offered. Users are offered three ways of accessing their wallet, using a password, and a keystone file. There is also a 24-word mnemonic phrase that at times comes with a private key. Some of the supported services are the Collwallet S, Trust Wallet as well as Ledger devices. This gives the users an opportunity to access the decentralized exchange directly from the hardware wallet. Both Coolwallet and Trust uses a service that is known as Wallet Connect. This service offers DEX authentication by scanning a QR code through the respective mobile wallet.


Could This Be A Real Decentralization Or Just Window Dressing

The node validators of Binance Chain are all controlled by the exchange. When it comes to censorship resistance, Binance decentralized exchange that operates on Binance Chain, does not score highly. However, that was never the initial plan. The decentralized exchange – DEX has been programmed to carry out trustless trading without having to deposit funds, and it delivers in that area with aplomb. Binance Chain does not need to rival Ethereum and Bitcoin when it comes to decentralization. Its main purpose is to allow the noncustodial exchange of the assets.

April 29, 2019

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