Bitcoin Singled Out By Google

Bitcoin Singled Out By Google

Google, the giant search engine has singled out Bitcoin with a new symbol for the keyboard currency. This has been seen in the whole market as a landmark move. The Bitcoin currency symbol has now been added to the new iOS keyboard. This move has demonstrated the great trajectory by Bitcoin.

United In Love: Bitcoin, Apple & A Currency Symbol

There are several shortcut apps that the Bitcoin symbol has been deployed to. This has been done to assist Siri with executing the commands. It is now found on iOS devices’ Google keyboard. The native keyboard by Apple doesn’t come with this great functionality. The key can be produced manually, according to a Reddit user. It is easy for anyone who wants to type it. The Unicode code point to be used here is U+20BF. It can also be done on Linux. Users just hit the Ctrl-Shift-U before releasing and typing 20BF. The Reddit user also explained that caps do not really matter when it comes to producing a good symbol.

The process is also possible on Windows devices. This is one of the reasons why the Android symbol could be welcomed so well. But here, the users have to edit the registry first. They can log in to Windows 7, Windows 8, or Vista. They can also reboot on earlier systems after the registry has been registered.

Why Apple First?

Google has only added the Bitcoin symbol to Apple interface. The Android interface still don’t have it. It is still not clear why the search engine has opted to do that. The iOS’ privacy penchant is a very nice fit for the BTC users. However, its proprietary software is not compatible with the open source nature for Google and Bitcoin.


There are several privacy-minded people opting for Google over Apple. But now it feels a bit ironic that the Bitcoin symbol is only available on the Apple interface. Here is another ironic thing – a number of Apple device users apply the native Apple keyboard and not the Google version. This shows that the permission requirement by Google is deterred on adoption.

Upgrade To Brand Adoption From Brand Recognition

Technically, brand recognition is a show of definite mainstream dominance. Therefore, the addition of Bitcoin to the Apple’s Google interface is the best move. The symbol now appears on the currency strip by Google search engine interface. It is alongside other symbols such as pound, yen, euro, dollar, cent, Indian rupee, Russian ruble, and the Korean won symbols.

It can be remembered that Sergey Brin once predicted that the Alphabet would one day take the Bitcoin path. It is coming to pass. The tech mogul and president and co-founder of Alphabet can now reassure crypto users of his earlier predictions.

Google has come a long way with Bitcoin. It was once placed as the second most active corporate investor in the whole Blockchain world. That was between 2012 to 2017. There have also been rumors that the search engine is planning to make a crypto. Now Google has hit the news again with the introduction of the BTC symbol.

February 22, 2019

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