Bitmain Unveils The Specs Of A New Crypto Mining Rig

Bitmain Unveils The Specs Of A New Crypto Mining Rig

Bitmain Technologies is one of the best mining rig manufacturers based in China. On Monday, the 8th of April 2019, the manufacturer officially unveiled the specifications of its latest mining rig.

According to the manufacturer, the latest Antminer 17 series is one of the best to be released in the market. The firm has released a total of three new BTC miners. All of them command a hashrate of more than 50 trillion hashes just within one second. This quality outpaces almost all leading machines that are on the market today.

The Top Specs Of The Bitmain’s Antminer 17 Series

Crypto mining market seems to have been dominated by two main mining rig manufacturers; Canaan and Bitmain. Lately, these two manufacturers have been on a mission of revealing their next generation mining devices. After Canaan had revealed its latest Avalonminer 10 mining rig, it was now Bitmain’s turn to introduce its latest rig.

Bitmain is the second largest fabless chipmaker operating in China, and so, nothing but the best is expected from it. Starting from Tuesday, 9th April, the manufacturer will start the first phase sales of its latest mining rig. These are the four S17 series that will ship from 20th to 30th April 2019. The Antminer S17 and the S17 Pro are the new miners in the latest series. The Chinese manufacturer has also noted that the T17 series will be released at a later date.

S17 Is The Best In The Market

In the coming two days, Bitmain will be selling mining rigs in two batches. It will happen on Tuesday and Wednesday, although the price hasn’t been revealed. Bitmain rigs could shine most of the machines on the market based on the cost. They are also the best when it comes to performances. Even some of the established competitors such as Asicminer, Canaan, Innosilicon, and Ebit might not get to their league.


The Antminer S17 Pro is capable of producing 50TH just in one second. On the other hand, Antminer S17 Pro is capable of producing 53TH in just a single second. Apart from the amazing hash rates that these chips come with, they also have an amazing power efficiency.

Effects Of Trump Trade Wars

The good news is that the new Antminer rig are currently shipping to all corners of the world. The bad news is that buyers from the United States of America might not enjoy the services as they are intended. They might be forced to pay additional charges when purchasing these rigs. This is because of the latest trade wars between US president, Donald Trump and China.

Buyers from the Unites States will add an extra 2.5% tax when purchasing the rigs. In addition to that, they will also be charged an import duty tax in compliant to the current China’s trade regulations. As noted, the first and second batches of the new Antminer S17 will start shipping between 20th to 30th of April. They will, however, be shipped on a first-paid-first-ship basis.

April 9, 2019

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