About Blackbox OS (BBOS)

Blackbox OS (BBOS) is a next-generation platform that uses Blockchain technology to manage distributed firms, groups, and projects. BBOS is the distributed application (DApp) that assists the Blackbox Network, which is composed of internal contributors, token owners, and contributor organizations. The project will help in addressing duplicate and repetitive workflows, enhance collaboration, and ensure equitable distribution of rewards in organizations.


Token symbol: BBOS
Type: Utility token
Token price: 1 BBOS = USD 0.16
Available tokens: 1,000,000,000 BBOS tokens
Pre-sale hard cap: USD 10,000,000
Accepted currencies: ETH

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Blackbox Operating System

Traditional Organizations And Why Blackbox Is Important

Technologies have advanced significantly, thereby supporting the emergence of large, distributed, and efficient businesses that are well equipped to succeed in the future of work. The traditional institutions are characterized by hierarchy, precedence, and subjectivity. Many people dislike the system although they have no option. Such a system is exploitative as the compensation is always less than what you deserve.

The system has led to the emergence of disengaged workers who are linked with lower quality work and productivity. Although the traditional organizations may be determined to address these challenges, the available options are costly, inaccurate, and repetitive.

The Blackbox Operating System (Blackbox OS or BBOS) is the new platform that is promising to address the challenges in the traditional organizations. This evolving operating system is developed to automate the essential functions of organizations. The Blackbox Token allows businesses to enjoy the benefits of distributed technology, AI, and other technologies. The decentralized networks are expected to help in enhancing transparency in decision-making.

The introduction of BBOS will facilitate the creation of a robust infrastructure that will address common problems in the tradition organizations. The technology will provide organizations with the efficiency of scale to all businesses regardless of their size, location, or technical capabilities. All the departments of organizations will benefit from this new technology.

BBOS has been designed in such a way that it will be easy for organizations to transit to smart contracts. Blackbox OS uses configurable modules that an organization can easily select and add through the module marketplace. BBOS tokens will facilitate interoperability between the various Blackbox Network participants regardless of their respective government structures. The BBOS platform will be powered by BBOS token.

Blackbox Business

BBOS And Organizational Structure

BBOS will touch organizational governance as it is expected to streamline consensus irrespective of the structure of the organization. The new platform will also make it easy for organizations to determine a fair compensation thereby enhancing the quality and quantity of labor output. BBOS will use identity to provide recommendations and ensure each employee is compensated appropriately among other benefits. The use of Blackbox token will help in addressing challenges in management by quantifying more information thereby enhancing the feedback mechanisms. BBOS will also enhance security in businesses by checking both the internal threats from employees and external threats as it has many business tools eliminating the need to use third-party applications.


Blackbox On Social Media

Blackbox is present in various social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram. The company communicates important details about the project through social media. Prospective customers and investors also look for answers to their questions about the project on social media.


Blackbox is expected to address challenges in the various departments of different organizations. Any business that embraces this new technology will experience benefits such as enhanced management, improved quality, and quantity of output among other benefits.

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July 20, 2018

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