Block.One Announces Social Media Platform Based On The EOS Blockchain

Block.One Announces Social Media Platform Based On The EOS Blockchain, the parent company of EOS has announced the launch of Voice which is a social media platform based on the Blockchain. This announcement was made at an event held in Washington DC.

New Voice Platform To Have Its Own Token has said that the platform will be utilizing the EOS Blockchain in providing transparency on its operations. The firm also stated that through the EOS network it will be providing a platform that does not come with any hidden algorithms or content pushing features that the user does not know of.

Brendan Blumer, the CEO of the firm differentiated Voice with other social media platforms saying that the available social media platforms have been designed to exploit their users. Blumer said that although the current business model has many valuable aspects, the platform is largely the only party reaping the benefits. The CEO accused current social media platforms of auctioning user information to advertising companies, keeping the profits to themselves and flooding feeds with information that have hidden agendas courtesy of the highest bidder. Voice will purportedly change all this.

Dan Larimer,’s CTO (Chief Technical Officer) in his part has announced a new token for the platform dubbed the Voice Token. He has said that all users who will sign up for the new platform will be given EOS accounts. According to the chief mechanic, users can stake the Voice tokens to move up to the top of a comments section. In the event that someone else has staked their tokens to be above the first user, they will be refunded their tokens.


The Voice Beta Already Up And Running

In the glitzy Dc event, Blumer went on stage announcing the firm’s attention had been captured due to the current social media not being a ‘good friend’ to its users. The CEO promised that the content to dominate the newly unveiled platform would not be dictated by algorithms. He said that every user of the platform will have a chance to be heard.

According to Larimer, the extra pressure placed on the network by the platform will be offset by EOSVM which is a WebAssembly engine which has been specifically developed for Blockchain. According to the CTO, the engine will operate at 12 times the rate of the original EOSIO software. The original software was unveiled on the 1st of June last year. Users are able to access the Voice beta by signing up on the official website. recently announced that it has become part of the Coinbase Earn Program, the educational product offered by one of the largest Crypto exchange in the world. The program enables users to take courses in various digital currencies in the exchange, rewarding them through a small payment made in the digital currency that the user was learning about.

EOS Continually Expanding Its Offerings Portfolio

EOS recently announced its collaboration with Tether. This partnership would see the USDT, Tether’s stablecoin which is backed by the USD, be added on the EOS Blockchain.

June 3, 2019

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