Bloq Lab To Launch Titan, Making Crypto Farming Easier

Bloq Lab To Launch Titan, Making Crypto Farming Easier

Titan, Bloq Lab’s newest product, is looking to make setting up and running Blockchain miners more simple in global farms. The company made this announcement during the Consensus2019.

Software Solves One Of the Biggest Issues For Mining Farms Using Public Tools

Titan is a mining managing software that is web based, to be used by owners of large mining set-ups. The owners of the set-ups are required to install the software in their machines and launch a server which will act to collect and analyse each miner connected to the network. Once the collection and analysis is done, the software will display the output essentially enabling you to manage the uptime and security of the network. This software allows the set-up owners have a clear glance of the network as a whole; it can show how hot a machine is and even manages overclocking. This web based software is currently in the beta stage and can be accessed through

Ryan Condron, Bloq Lab’s chief executive and co-founder, has said that the new is a farm management automation layer. He said that through each install of the software, a network is actively monitored, on-boarding devices, securing and optimizing them. The software is also able to route the hash power to the point that is most popular at any given moment.

Condron stated that the company acquires each device’s granular control which enables it to overclock based on the temperatures of the chips. He said that the company also shares the auditing of the network which makes it possible for each share rolling through the software to see what the pool accepted. In this way the single most prominent issue that comes with mining farms which utilize public tools is rejected and set-up owners re able to trust the stats given out by the pool’s dash.

The Titan Marketplace

The software is able to monitor the work output of each miner ensuring that each machine receives the deserved credit. The installation of the software has been made easier through a one-click process. Set-up owners are able to have a clear view of the network and even change the root passwords as soon as the miners get connected to the Titan network.

According to the CEO, the solution can even be used to connect miners in different parts of the world remotely and can function with various mining rigs inclusive of, but not limited to, the AntMiner S9 and 11.

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Condron confirmed that the main focus behind the concept is making mining as easy and stable a process as possible. He added that the long term vision of the project is to set up a Titan Marketplace where mining farm owners will have the opportunity to share hash power. A willing mining farm owner will be able to take a portion of their hash power and share it with others on the marketplace.

Titan Set To Launch This Year

According to Condron, the mining software will be launching this summer while the Marketplace is slated to be launched in the fall.

May 20, 2019

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