California and Colorado Elect A Pro-Cryptocurrency Governor

California and Colorado Elect A Pro-Cryptocurrency Governor

Gavin Newsom will take over the California gubernatorial seat from Jerry Brown, a fellow Democrat after winning in the just concluded midterm elections. That’s not all, Newsom is regarded “pro-Bitcoin” and went ahead to accept campaign contributions in the Cryptocurrency. In Colorado, Jared Polis, another strong blockchain crusader has also been elected as the new governor. Crypto and blockchain-based firms in the two regions can only hope that the two statesmen will help in promoting the technology in their respective states and beyond.

A Candidate Who Accepted Bitcoin Donations Becomes A Governor


During the election period in the just concluded midterm elections, a California gubernatorial candidate took a path that no other candidate had ever taken in the state. To raise funds for his campaign, Gavin Newsom surprised everyone when he said he will accept Bitcoin donations. And whereas Cryptocurrency has been a hot topic just like gay marriages, there were fears that the move would taint his image and thwart his dreams of becoming a governor.

In the past few months, Cryptocurrencies and related activities have come under much scrutiny from the authorities. Crypto mining, exchanges, and ICOs are among the major victims of these vicious attacks by those who are against this promising innovation. Whereas it has become challenging to get everyone’s opinion on the same if the midterm elections are anything to by, the Americans are ready for the technology.

While campaigning in the largest US state, Newsom repeatedly stressed the need to ‘digitize’ government services at all levels. He argued that government, just like the private agencies should be “performance-based.” Maybe the new coming governor’s promise to enable the Californians to interact with the government agencies online played a vital role in pushing him to victory.

Jared Polis, A Pro-Cryptocurrency Is The New Colorado Governor

In another western U.S. state, Colorado the electorates spoke in a similar language, putting Jared Polis in the governor’s mansion. Like his counterpart in California, Polis had publicly declared his support for the virtual currencies the entire campaign period. Specifically, he said his dream is to turn Colorado into a “safe harbor” for Cryptocurrencies.

He promised to work closely with the legislature to ensure Colorado has Cryptocurrency laws in place. He added that he wants to create an environment that protects virtual currencies that can be used to pay for goods and services. To achieve this, he promised that he will change the existing laws to eliminate the current hurdles that token issuers, exchange service providers, and wallet providers face, especially during licensing an taxation.

Is It A New Dawn For The American Crypto Community?

Although Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have been around for a decade or so, its lack in the political arena is not debatable. Most politicians have little knowledge about the innovation and its enormous potential in enhancing transparency and efficiency in different sectors. Maybe this is what has made Crypto laws move at snail pace.

With two pro-Cryptocurrency governors in office, it’s clear that the American Crypto space will never be the same again. Crypto firms now have safe havens in these two states albeit once the new governors begin their terms officially as they have promised to protect the innovation. Just like the winds that flow from west to east, maybe the Crypto adoption in the country will follow a similar path in the coming years.

November 8, 2018

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