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Analysts: Why Bitcoin Breaking $10,500 Is So Crucial to the Long-Term Bull Case

After days of stagnation and consolidation, Bitcoin started to mount a strong comeback earlier this week. The leading cryptocurrency now trades for $9,650 — the highest price in over a week and more than 13% higher than the ~$8,550 lows seen during a retracement earlier this month. But Bitcoin remains below a crucial region of…

$10500, Analysis, Bitcoin, Bitcoin price, btcusd, BTCUSDT, technical analysis, xbtusd

Bitcoin Breaking $10,500 Will Set the Stage for a Massive Reversal: Here’s Why

Bitcoin has been on an impressive rally over the past two months. From the $3,700 lows seen on March 13th, the asset has rallied over 150%. This 150% performance means BTC has outperformed basically any other multi-billion-dollar asset over the same time period. This strong surge to fresh highs hasn’t convinced everyone that Bitcoin is…

$10500, Bitcoin, Bitcoin price, btcusd, Technical, technical analysis, xbtusd

If Bitcoin Crosses $10,500, a New Highs Would be “On the Horizon”: Analyst

Over the past eight weeks, Bitcoin has surged past resistance after resistance in its rally from $3,700 to $9,700 — the price as of the time of this article’s writing. This move has been undoubtedly impressive, with the price action attracting mainstream media attention and Wall Street investors. However, analysts say it’s not clear skies…