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While DeFi Tokens Dropped, Total Value Locked Kept Climbing

Since the summer peak of the DeFi explosion, top Ethereum-based tokens from the space have dumped considerably due to becoming overvalued too quickly, and Bitcoin suddenly stealing up any flowing capital share. But while this happened, the total USD value locked in DeFi applications continued to climb right along as if nothing ever happened. Is […]


Leading DeFi Coin Aave’s LEND Dives 15% Despite Positive Fundamentals

Aave’s LEND token, along with its new token AAVE, has dropped heavily in the past 24 hours despite stagnation in the Bitcoin and Etheruem price. The coin currently trades down 15% over the past day, underperforming BTC’s mild -0.5% performance. The cryptocurrency’s drop comes in spite of Aave having fundamentals that are stronger than ever. […]

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10 nowych projektów dołącza do Global DeFi Alliance

Konsorcjum zdecentralizowanych finansów Huobi, zwane Global DeFi Alliance, przyjęło 10 nowych członków. Tym samym łączna liczba podmiotów należąca do tego stowarzyszenia wzrosła do 15. 10 nowych projektów Nowi członkowie to projekty DeFi: Curve Finance, Aave, Synthetix, Balancer, Loopring, Zapper, Zerion, Bitpie, Mykey i CoinGecko. Powyższe projekty dołączyły do założycieli, czyli Maker Foundation, Compound, NEST Community, […]

Artykuł 10 nowych projektów dołącza do Global DeFi Alliance pochodzi z serwisu Bitcoin.pl – Polski Portal Bitcoin.

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Aave’s LEND Drops 15% as Crypto Market Punishes DeFi

The crypto crash has affected some coins worse than others: LEND, Aave’s governance token, has shed 25% in the past 24 hours. The coin is still far above where it was just months ago, but a 15% drop in 24 hours is nothing to scoff at. LEND is currently trading at levels last seen in the last week of August. The cryptocurrency has been benefiting from growth in the DeFi sector, which has brought LEND […]

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Money Market Protocol Aave Settles $300 Million in Defi Flash Loans

This weekend the decentralized money market protocol Aave broke records as the community witnessed a massive flash loan of $14 million worth of the stablecoin DAI. So far, the Aave protocol has seen over $300 million in flash loans to-date and this trend doesn’t seem to be abating any time soon. In just a short […]

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Total Value Locked in Defi Jumped 85% in August, $8 Billion in Assets Held

Total Value Locked in Defi Jumped 85% in August, $8 Billion in Assets HeldA lot has changed during the last month, as the popular decentralized finance (defi) ecosystem has swelled considerably in value. Since the first week of August, the total value locked in defi jumped over 85% in 27 days from $4.2 billion to $7.88 billion on August 30. The total value locked (TVL) in the decentralized […]

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¿Qué es Aave? ¿Qué ofrece este proyecto?


Las finanzas descentralizadas o DeFi son ahora un tema importante que se debate en las comunidades financieras. El objetivo principal de DeFi es brindar a los usuarios de criptomonedas un control total sobre sus activos, y se debe a la descentralización y la tecnología blockchain. El mercado de DeFi está en auge a un ritmo […]

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