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The Week Ahead In Biotech: Kala FDA Decision, Merck & Pfizer Earnings, Vaccine Updates And IPOs

Biotech stocks posted weekly declines in the week ended Oct. 23, pressured by the broader market decline amid mixed earnings reports and the impasse on fiscal stimulus.
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Attention Biotech Investors: Mark Your Calendar For August PDUFA Dates

July turned out to be a mixed month for FDA approvals.
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The Daily Biotech Pulse: Bristol-Myers, Bluebird Bio Resubmit Multiple Myeloma Drug BLA, FSD To Close Medicinal Cannabis Business, Hologic’s Blowout Quarter

Scaling The Peaks
(Biotech Stocks Hitting 52-week Highs July 29)
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The Week Ahead In Biotech: Spotlight On GW Pharma, Ultragenyx FDA Decisions, Pfizer Earnings

Biotech stocks moved lower in the week ended July 26, as the broader market weakness and sector-specific developments pressured stocks.
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The Week Ahead In Biotech (June 28- July 4): Pending Clinical Readouts In Focus During A Short Holiday Week

Biotech stocks went on a seesaw ride along with the broader markets in the week ended June 26. Yet there were some encouraging developments on the COVID-19 vaccine development front. Vaccine companies are going all out, forging alliances and adding per…

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4 Analysts On Why The Rumored AstraZeneca-Gilead Deal Is Unlikely To Materialize

The weekend was abuzz with rumors of U.K.

Latest Ratings for AZN
DateFirmActionFromTo May 2020SVB LeerinkMaintainsOutperform May 2020Argus ResearchMaintainsBuy Dec 2019Cowen & Co.MaintainsOutperform
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70 Biggest Movers From Yesterday


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Earnings Scheduled For May 6, 2020

Companies Reporting Before The Bell
General Motors Company (NYSE: GM) is projected to report quarterly earnings at $0.33 per share on revenue of $31.12 billion.

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51 Stocks Moving In Tuesday’s Mid-Day Session


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Mid-Day Market Update: Crude Oil Jumps 19%; Fulgent Genetics Shares Plunge Following Q1 Earnings

Midway through trading Tuesday, the Dow traded up 1.61% to 24131.01 while the NASDAQ rose 1.91% to 8,877.51. The S&P also rose, gaining 1.76% to 2,892.86.
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