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Stocks That Hit 52-Week Highs On Friday

Before 10 a.m. ET Friday, 88 stocks made new 52-week highs.
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Barron’s Picks And Pans: Brunswick, Cloudflare, Gilead And More

This weekend’s Barron’s cover story at the high cost of income inequality.
Other featured articles look to play the growing tech divide, industrials for the recovery and biotech’s next big run-up.
Also, the prospects for COVID-19 stocks, a boat maker, …

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Activist Investors Go Dormant As COVID-19 Depresses Economy

Activist investors turned passive in the last month as the coronavirus threatened to claim corporate victims.
Activist campaigns fell from 42 in January and February to just 16 in March — representing the slowest growth rate since 2013, according to La…