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Apple’s MagSafe Charger suggests a confusing future for wireless power

There’s another new wireless charging standard, and it’s going to make smartphone recharging faster, but it still has some rough edges to smooth out.

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Do Not Buy the Apple Watch Series 3 Over the Watch SE

Another September, another Apple Event, and this year, we got two new Apple Watch models: the Apple Watch Series 6 and the Apple Watch SE. But do you know which watch is also still around? The Series 3. And, I know the Series 3’s $200 price tag is enticing—a steal, even—but for the love of everything holy, I am here…

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Apple Announces Apple Watch Series 6 And Watch SE

Today at its virtual event, Apple unveiled the 6th generation Apple Watch accompanied by the budget-oriented Apple Watch SE. The overall design aesthetics of the Apple Watch Series 6 are still similar to that of the Series 4. However many new sensors have been added to the Series 6 smartwatch. On the other hand, Apple […]

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