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Mid-Afternoon Market Update: Gold Falls Over 1%; T2 Biosystems Shares Spike Higher

Toward the end of trading Wednesday, the Dow traded down 0.03% to 25,803.55 while the NASDAQ rose 0.97% to 10,154.88. The S&P also rose, gaining 0.59% to 3,118.70.
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81 Biggest Movers From Friday

Concrete Pumping Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: BBCP) shares jumped 50.1% to close at $5.48 on Friday.

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Mid-Morning Market Update: Markets Fall; Alibaba Earnings Beat Estimates

Following the market opening Friday, the Dow traded down 0.64% to 24317.72 while the NASDAQ fell 0.21% to 9265.84. The S&P also fell, dropping 0.42% to 2936.06.
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