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Earnings Scheduled For July 31, 2020

Companies Reporting Before The Bell
• Chevron Inc. (NYSE:CVX) is expected to report quarterly loss at $0.92 per share on revenue of $22.10 billion.
• Weyerhaeuser Inc. (NYSE:WY) is estimated to report quarterly earnings at $0.00 per share on revenue of…

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58 Stocks Moving In Friday’s Mid-Day Session

Medigus Ltd. (NASDAQ: MDGS) shares climbed 68.3% to $3.9550 after the company announced it has received its first commercial order for coronavirus testing kits.

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70 Biggest Movers From Yesterday

Liberty Tripadvisor Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: LTRPB) shares jumped 577.5% to close at $34.69 on Wednesday.

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