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Blackstone Agrees To Buy Simply Self Storage From Brookfield In $1.2B Deal: WSJ

Blackstone Group Inc (NYSE: BX) has agreed to buy self-storage company Simply Self Storage from Brookfield Asset Management Inc (NYSE: BAM) for a $1.2 billion consideration, according to the read more

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SPACs To Play ‘Huge Role’ Going Forward: Key Takeaways From This Week’s BZ Cannabis Hour

In 2020, most of the investments that were made in the cannabis space came from SPACs, or special purpose acquisition companies, Benzinga’s Javier Hasse said on this week’s BZ Cannabis Hour. Video embedded below. 
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‘A Long Way To Go’: Stock Market Update For The Week Ahead

The Past Week, In A Nutshell
What Happened: Stocks closed the week higher after investors regained optimism regarding a sustained recovery.
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Stock Market Update For The Week Ahead: ‘Cautious Attitude’

The Last Week In A Nutshell
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Stock Market Update For The Week Ahead: ‘Continued Strength’

The Last Week In A Nutshell
What Happened: The S&P 500 experienced its best quarter since 1998, adding 20%.
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