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Lidar is dull on iPads, but could go beyond AR on the iPhone 12 Pro

The iPhone 12 Pro is expected to include a new Lidar scanner, but Apple will need to do more than it did with the 2020 iPad Pro to make users actually care.

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Niantic reveals cellular partners for 5G consumer AR platform

One of the leading smartphone AR companies is preparing to release a consumer AR hardware, software, and services platform, with help from cellular giants.

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Qualcomm doubles 5G mmWave range to 2.36 miles for broadband modems

The chipmaker has tested its latest wireless home broadband solution at over twice the distance initially promised, bringing faster service to rural areas.

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Apple’s iOS 13.7 will enable app-free COVID-19 exposure notifications

If you’ve been waiting for your state or country to release a coronavirus exposure tracing app, good news: iOS 13.7 will allow notifications without apps.

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