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New Bill Aims to Rein In the President’s Power to Order Internet Blackouts

Two members of Congress have introduced legislation that would prevent the president from taking action to restrict the U.S. public’s access to the internet, the Preventing Unwarranted Communications Shutdowns Act (PUCSA).Read more…

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For some Indian software startups, it’s almost like the Covid-19 lockdown never happened

A host of Indian software startups have had a field day amid the pandemic as their clients’ dependence on technology increased.

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A Guide to Authentication Methods (Infographic)

Stolen passwords and weak passwords are responsible for over 80% of security breaches in 2018, and in 2019 over 150,000 security incidents and nearly 4,000 confirmed data breaches were caused due to weak or stolen passwords. Passwords are some of the weakest forms of authentication, and when user authentication is not secure, cybercriminals have easy access to take whatever information they want.    Creating the perfect authentication method does not include just security, but also user convenience. Passwords and security questions are a very weak form of authentication as it leans on ‘shared secret’ between a service provider and a

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