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FPS boosting services on discord – are they worth it?

Looking through the official Valorant discord and browsing through the LFG chat, I noticed a message from a certain discord user named grunt that was offering services to help boost your game’s FPS and reduce input lag. Magic FPS Boost / Ping Reduction? Since I already researched as much as I could about FPS optimization, I was curious enough to try and find out what exactly grunt had to offer. I sent him a message asking to optimize my setup, without asking the specifics grunt replied that it would cost $29. I asked him if he had a portfolio or

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AOC Files Measure to Kill U.S. Military Twitch Streams as Battle Over Protester Bans Heats Up

U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez plans to file an amendment that would bar any part of the U.S. military from spending federal funds to operate accounts on any “video game, esports, or live-streaming platform,” Vice reported on Wednesday. A…

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5 Best Methods To Fix Discord Not Opening [ Working in 2020 ]

Are you encountering problems while opening and using Discord on your Windows 10 PC? Well, if your answer is YES and you want to resolve this issue then stay on this page and read it till the end carefully. You can even find solutions to other common Discord problems in this post. Thanks to useful features like […]

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