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All Altcoin Innovations Will “Ultimately Benefit Bitcoin”: Bitfinex Whale

As altcoins have strongly outperformed Bitcoin over recent weeks, a debate has erupted about the long-term usefulness and efficacy of many cryptocurrency projects. Many prominent Bitcoin proponents have come out against altcoins, saying that they provide effectively no value compared to Bitcoin. For instance, there are commentators that say Ethereum’s current leading use case, DeFi, […]

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Mega Bitfinex Bitcoin Whale: Chainlink FOMO Will Eventually Fizzle

Chainlink continues to set new high after high, after breaking upward out of its bullish trend channel and going parabolic. The asset is in full price discovery mode, and investors are exuberant. It’s prompted one of the largest whales on Bifinex to comment on the seemingly unstoppable altcoin. And he says that like all other […]

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An Infamous Bitcoin Whale Just Resurfaced — and He’s Got a Bone to Pick

In May, after building a following of tens of thousands by making millions trading Bitcoin, “Joe007” threw in the towel. At the time, the pseudonymous trader cited his inability to “afford Twitter.” “Trading is a dangerous, adversarial, high-stakes info game. It’s played against best-in-class, looking for any advantage. Your trade results and views being public […]

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Bitcoin Halving Theories: Whale Says Price Rise Is a ‘Nonsensical Narrative,’ Weiss Ratings Expects ‘Massive Crypto Superboom’

In less than two weeks, the Bitcoin block reward halving will take place and BTC miners will receive half the reward going forward after May 12. Since ‘Black Thursday’ (March 12), bitcoin prices have gained 103% since then rising from $3,800 to $7,750 per coin. With the halving fast approaching, many cryptocurrency proponents believe the […]

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