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Tesla, AT&T, McAfee and Quibi – 5 Things You Must Know Thursday

Delays to a U.S. relief package, a surge in global coronavirus cases and allegations of election interference push stock futures lower; Tesla rises after quarterly free cash flow tops $1 billion for just the second time in its history.

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Trump Campaign Starts Using Proper Grammar For ‘Democrat Party’ in Facebook Ads

President Donald Trump is constantly whining about the “Democrat Party,” “Democrat cities,” and “Democrat programs,” all grammatically incorrect phrases that use a noun as an adjective. But Trump’s online ad creators started using proper grammar on Tue…

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Comedian Sued For Creating Fake ‘Antifa’ Events on Facebook

The mayor of Lafayette, Louisiana has filed a lawsuit against a 28-year-old comedian who created three fake events on Facebook that claimed “antifa” was coming to the town. Police responded to one of the fake events in late August with at least 30 squa…

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President Trump Tells Supporters to Commit Felony by Voting Twice

President Donald Trump, a white supremacist who frequently spreads pro-fascist disinformation, told his supporters on Wednesday to vote twice—once with an absentee mail-in ballot and again at a polling station. Trump implied that attempting to vote twi…

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