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PUBG Mobile Can Make A Comeback After Axing Their Partnership With Tencent

PUBG Mobile Unban in India

Amid the ongoing Indo-China border conflict, Chinese apps and services suffered a slew of bans and restrictions. The latest talking point has been the PUBG Mobile ban in India, which has left the PUBG fans in disarray and disbelief. PUBG Mobile Can Make a Miraculous return  The bone of contention has been the mobile game’s connection with the Tencent […]

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What is India trying to achieve from a trade standoff with China?

Some experts believe these moves as nothing more than knee-jerk reactions. And there are concerns that these policy changes, in fact, are hurting Indian industries that are heavily dependent on China.

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The coronavirus pandemic has given India a rare chance to play catch up with China

Can it seize the opportunity?


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