Coinbase Plans To Roll Out Its USDC Stablecoin To More Than 80 Countries

Coinbase Plans To Roll Out Its USDC Stablecoin To More Than 80 Countries

The Coinbase platform has stated that it is carrying out a rollout of its stablecoin to a pack of new countries. The exchange is trying to make various traders across the globe to use it for their own benefit.

Making The Announcement

Coinbase is a crypto exchange platform that is based in San Francisco. On the 14th of May 2019, the exchange stated that it will now add its stablecoin dubbed USD Coin for support in more than eighty countries. Before the announcement, the coin could only be traded in the United States including New York. The stablecoin can now be traded in two main platforms; the Coinbase Pro and While tweeting through its main handle @coinbase, the exchange announced that it is expanding its US Dollar Coin trade to 85 countries all across the globe. This will help in accelerating the international adoption of cryptocurrency trading. In addition to that, it will also allow an access to a stable store of value.

The Aggressive Coinbase Global Rollout

The leading centralized digital exchanges in the current crypto market are now fighting for each and single customer. As that continues, they also continue to offer new products and expand their business in every manner that is possible. Coinbase is deeply interested in expanding its business empire, and the new announcement is a confirmation of that possibility.

Other More Important Developments

Apart from the issue of the stablecoin, Coinbase can now be accessed by traders in more than one hundred countries. Barely a month ago, Coinbase added eleven new countries to the growing list of its customers. India is one of the countries in this new list. In India, the local central bank, known as RBI introduced a cryptocurrency ban last year. This ban prohibited banks to work with cryptocurrency exchanges and startups. There are also other countries where Coinbase is accessible in apart from India. They include South Korea, New Zealand, Mexico and a host of others.

The Coinbase Card

Just a few days ago, Ethereum World News made an important announcement concerning this crypto exchange. The news outlet reported that Coinbase now provides its clients with an opportunity to use the crypto Coinbase card for various operations. This initiative is based on a collaboration with some of the leading names in the financial services business world like Visa. The card will only be used through a specially designed Coinbase mobile application.

Coinbase Visa

Peers Are Now Forging Ahead

Binance is also another crypto exchange that us aggressively expanding. The Malta-based platform is considered to have the largest real trading volumes in the whole world. Just recently, it introduced a decentralized exchange – DEX, on Binance Chain, a uniquely designed ledger. At the moment, it is moving its native BNB crypto tokens to the Binance Chain from Ethereum. Binance is also known for other things. They include the Binance LaunchPad, and the Blockchain Charity Foundation. Binance Launchpad has been the main platform for the Initial Exchange Offerings for some of the projects like BitTorrent and a host of others.

May 15, 2019

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