Coinsquare is a platform that allows users to securely buy and trade Ethereum, Bitcoin, and more Cryptocurrencies. Its developers have a vision of a world that everyone has the opportunity of acquiring Digital Tokens.

The network has a QuickTrade feature that ensures that transactions are instant to avoid delays and downtimes. This, in turn, makes Coinsquare a relevant platform to Crypto enthusiasts who require real-time trade solutions.

About Coinsquare

Coinsquare is based in Toronto-Ontario Canada and was established in 2014. It is one of the premier Crypto trading platforms in the country and plays a vital role in ensuring that Cryptocurrency enthusiasts in the country are served.

Additionally, Coinsquare recently entered into a partnership with 5 Canadian Banks in a deal that will see to it that users are able to deposit and withdraw Canadian Dollar-denominated funds in an easier way.

Market Options

Coinsquare is one of the larger Crypto exchange platforms according to Coinmarketcap rankings. The data shows that the platform supports a daily transaction volume of over 1,968 BTC which is a value of $7,079,407 and other market pairs. These active markets include-

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin have a volume share of over 90% but the availability of other market pairs ensure that investors have the option of trading in Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Bitcoin SV, or other Tokens on the pairs.

Further, Coinsquare offers advanced trading options for experienced traders. The option has advanced tools and market indicators such as price charts, depth charts, order book, history, as well as open orders.

Built In-House With Proprietary Technology

Coinsquare understands that the platform is responsible for securing users’ wealth. Therefore, the infrastructure is designed in proprietary technology while the company is internally administered in a technique that optimizes users’ experience while ensuring that the operations have a positive return to the company through the following ways-
 SSL and 2FA enabled security.
 95% Cold storage standards.
 The full proprietary system that has been stress and DDoS tested.
 Real-time internal ledger management to track all coins’ velocity.


Additionally, Coinsquare is managed by a team of account managers, designers, and software engineers who focus on ensuring that traders have the ultimate Crypto experience. Also, there is a dedicated customer service that attends to all queries, concerns, or system complexities.

Wealth Generation

Coinsquare has a far-reaching customer loyalty program that rewards high volume traders to not only retain their business but to ensure that the clients benefit from exclusive premium services. The reward classes are as follows-


This service is for users who trade at least $25,000 worth of Cryptos. The benefits include 0.25% and 1% discount on wire funding and withdrawal respectively, dedicated wealth director services, and OTC desk services access.


Platinum is for orders of at least $100,000. In addition to Gold benefits, users receive prioritized FIAT withdrawals over $100,000 on a 48-hour basis as well as a 1% wire funding discount.


Diamond is for orders starting at $250,000. In addition to platinum benefits, the wealth generation option proffers front line OTC desk access, rushed $100,000- $1M Fiat withdrawals, and an invitation to exclusive VIP events and newsletters.

Withdrawals And Deposits

Traders can withdraw either Cryptocurrencies to their wallets or Canadian dollars to their bank wallets at a fair fee.

Withdrawals and deposits

Unique Customer-Driven Experience

Coinsquare offers one of the best user interface options in the market. Users can change the theme and light as well as select between English and French languages. Moreover, the fees are low and transparent and can also be subject to discounts.

There is also multi-platform support as users have the option of downloading the Coinsquare app for mobile trading. The web version is for desktops as well as tablets trading.

January 23, 2019

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