Coolbitx Partners With Changelly Cryptocurrency Exchange To Provide Customers With More Options

Coolbitx Partners With Changelly Cryptocurrency Exchange To Provide Customers With More Options

Changelly customers have a reason to be happy after the Cryptocurrency exchange announced a partnership with CoolBitX. The collaboration will see the users access a more secure and easy to use altcoin storage option. They will also be able to trade anytime time from any place. The new move is expected to enhance the adoption of the virtual currencies.

CoolBitX To Provide A Secure Wallet


The developer of the first mobile hardware wallet CoolBitX has collaborated with Changelly to provide users with more secure coin storage options. Changelly Cryptocurrency exchange is known for allowing users to exchange all CoolWallet S supported coins instantly and seamlessly at the best rate. However, its customers have had a difficulty in storing their coins with the available option being the cumbersome hardware and insecure software wallets.

The New Partnership To Provide Various Benefits

Previously, Changelly users have faced various challenges that have hampered Cryptocurrency adoption. The existing storage options have always been insecure, expensive, and time-consuming. Under this partnership, CoolWallet S users will use CoolBitX to trade different coins easily and instantly on Changelly exchange.

According to the Founder and CEO of CoolBitX Michael Ou, Changelly is popular for its competitive exchange rates and stable Crypto-to-Crypto swap services. CoolWallet users have also had a chance to enjoy the exchange’s excellent customer support. Changelly has been providing CoolWallet users with the best experience possible.

CEO of Changelly Ilya Bere said that they are excited to partner with CoolBitX. He said that CollWallet S is a great product and they are happy to empower them with their instant exchange features. He concluded by saying the partnership will help in boosting trust-based relationships in the entire Crypto sector.

Crypto lookers have been eager to get a chance to receive, send, spend, or swap the different virtual currencies instantly. The fact that this collaboration will help them to achieve these capabilities anytime, anywhere, and with anyone will be crucial in supporting mass adoption of the digital assets. CoolBitX will provide the users with secure storage to ensure they store their coins safely.

The instant Cryptocurrency exchanging will allow users to avoid any losses by letting them trade their coins for more stable ones when the market is turbulent. The users will now be able to access Changelly services via the CoolBitX’s native app. This flexibility and ease will encourage more people to adopt the virtual currencies.

About CoolBitX And Changelly

CoolBitX is a Crypto firm known for providing storing services. It provides its customers with mobile hardware wallet which is considered a safe way of storing Cryptocurrencies. Some of the main investors in this company are Bitmain and SBI Holdings that contribute around $13 million.

Changelly exchange was founded in 2015. The exchange allows its customers to exchange all CoolWallet S support altcoins. CoolWallet S supports several digital currencies such as Bitcoin Cash, XRP, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and ERC20 Tokes. The exchange currently has over 2 million registered users. The new partnership is expected to play a major role in enhancing the growth of this exchange.

October 11, 2018

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