CoTrader – Disrupt The $85 Trillion Global Investment Funds Industry

CoTrader – Disrupt The $85 Trillion Global Investment Funds Industry

CoTrader is a project expected to transform the global investment funds industry using Blockchain technology. The project will allow investors to have full control of their investment and have transparent proof of their performance on the system.

The Global Investment Industry And CoTrader

CoTraderOne of the greatest challenges in the investment industry is its management complexity. CoTrader solves this problem by democratizing the global fund industry that is believed to be worth $85 million. CoTrader will allow the investors to have their funds managed with transparency, management of assets, and authentication of returns-on-investments (ROI) using Blockchain.

Many people experience difficulties when investing in cryptos and ICOs. Investing in the sector is often complicated and time-consuming. Investors who lack enough time and money to make the investment properly end up making huge losses. The presence of many cryptos and ongoing ICO projects is confusing to many investors also. The crypto market has grown rapidly and is challenging for even the experienced investors to completely understand it.

The introduction of CoTrader will help in addressing this complexity. The project supports cryptos and other assets like stocks and options among others. CoTrader is creating a decentralized and trustless platform that will give the investors an opportunity to finance and manage their funds onchain. The funds will be called Smart Funds. Fund managers will be in charge of managing these funds. The trading of the fund assets will be taking place in decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Fund managers will be getting a proportion of the profits they make. This means the higher the profits the higher the income of the managers. The investors will have the opportunity to deposit or withdraw their investments at any time.

The CoTrader platform is attractive to both the influencers and high-performance managers. This is because the platform allows the top managers to multiply their profits enormously. For instance, top managers managing 1000x their investments will earn 100x if they are charging a 10 percent performance fee. CoTraders wishing to earn good profits on their investments will rely on the best fund manager in a given sector. The fund managers will be using CoTrader’s Super-DEX infrastructure. The system brings together various DEXs such as Bancor and Kyber for top liquidity and power.

CoTrader TokenToken

Token Symbol: COT
Public ICO: End of Q2 2018
Max HC: $10M or 20k ETH
Total supply: 100B tokens
Type: ERC20

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CoTrader’s Key Features

COTRADER CARTCoTrader will work with the tradable assets. This means all the Cryptocurrencies trading in the various exchanges such as Binance and Ameritrade will be accommodated using a smart escrow exchange point. Through escrow, a broker will only receive his or her funds after sending the cryptos to the purchaser. The smart escrow will also be used to facilitate the trading of non-tokenized assets like stocks. CoTrader will, therefore, tokenize the entire exchanges.

CoTrader understands the importance of privacy and will not be making public the trades and the trading strategies used by the fund managers. However, their returns will be made available to the public. The company is about to patent its privacy-preserving algorithm.

CoTrader On Social Media

CoTrader is active on social media where it uses the platform to reach more people. The public can interact with the company on Facebook or Telegram. The company also provides updates about the project on the platform. Those with questions about the project can engage the company on these two social media networks.

Username Bitcointalk: ICO Reign

June 27, 2018

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