CRYPTASSIST – The All In One Crypto Solution

CRYPTASSIST – The All In One Crypto Solution

CryptAssist is a project that provides a one-stop destination for Cryptocurrency information for both experienced and new crypto experts. CryptAssist will help you succeed with Cryptocurrencies by ensuring you have all the necessary tools and information.

CRYPTASSIST Token Sale Dates


Token symbol: CTA token
ICO restarts: July 31 to Sep 12
Tokens available for sale: 74.75M CTA tokens
Price per token: 1CTA = $0.38
Soft Cap: Already reached
Hard Cap: $23.67M

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Why CryptAssist is important

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology are new concepts that have attracted the attention of many people due to their great potential. In an attempt to understand the virtual currencies, many people spend a lot of time gathering information about them. They waste their time learning instead of identifying the best investment opportunities available.

CryptAssist will play a major in enhancing the understanding and use of Cryptocurrencies worldwide. The project will make the virtual currency world easy by providing different tools and services. The users will be getting personalized notifications depending on their investment plans, objectives, or profiles. The use of CTA token will enable the users to enjoy these tools and notifications.

CRYPTASSIST Token Distribution

CryptAssist’s Special Features

CryptAssist platform has some features that will make it easy for the users to understand and use Cryptocurrencies. Some of these features include:

Debit Card

CryptAssist users will have the opportunity to use a debit card that supports the top 50 Cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the card will enable the users to convert the virtual currencies to fiat currencies based on the current market rates.


This is an augmented reality app that will enable the users to search, locate, and receive tangible rewards, in this case, real crypto.


This is a Cryptocurrency crowdfunding feature. The feature will be especially popular among users wishing to raise funds for their creative projects.


Given that CryptAssist will support various Cryptocurrencies, the company will develop its own licensed exchange. One major benefit of this new exchange is lower trading fees.

News updates

When it comes to crypto trading, having the latest information is crucial. The news updates feature will allow the users to get personalized real-time crypto-linked news from reliable sources.

One Trading Tool

This feature will give the users access to over 50 exchanges and allow them to trade.

Crypto Compare

This tool will enable the traders to see the best rates among the various trading pairs in different exchanges. The users will also be able to select certain pairs that they don’t want to see.


CryptAssist is determined to enhance the usability of Cryptocurrencies. This feature will enable the users to access various products and services provided by CryptAssist and other businesses. The users will only be allowed to use coins in the top 50 Cryptocurrencies list.

Where To Spend Crypto

Given that there are many places that are currently accepting Cryptocurrencies, this feature will contain a database and maps where one can spend their virtual currencies.


CryptAssist On Social Media

You can learn more about the CryptAssist project by following them on Twitter, Facebook, or Telegram. The company releases important updates about the project through the various social media networks. Moreover, the social network is one of the best platforms to interact with the company and request any clarification regarding the project.



Due to the increasing use and popularity of Cryptocurrencies, many people are expected to embrace CryptAssist project. The project will be popular among Cryptocurrencies users and those who wish to launch projects in the sector. This is one project that is expected to enhance the use of the virtual currencies.

August 11, 2018

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