Crypto Markets Hit $300 Billion As The Price Of BTC Chases $10k

Crypto Markets Hit $300 Billion As The Price Of BTC Chases $10k

It has been one of the most fruitful Fridays in the cryptocurrency world. The markets have managed to hit a new high for 2019. As it has been the case, it is Bitcoin that is behind all this force. Just a few hours ago, the whole crypto market managed to hit a total market capitalization of $300 billion. This happened as Bitcoin, by market cap,  was able to break through resistance once again surging to a brand new 13 month high.

A Gradual Grind Up

This great price move was witnessed some few hours ago during the Asian trading. During this time, the spike that was witnessed was not a ‘bart-type spike’. Instead, the coin witnessed a gradual grind up through its main resistance that was at the market price of $9,800. From that time, gains have mostly held as the coin remained in the region of $9,700 with too much talk regarding a further move to $10,000. This is expected to occur either today or during the weekend.

Ethereum Is Also On The Rise

ETH is also among the crypto coins that got a boost in price this time round. With a climb of 4%, the crypto coin was able to hit a high price of $280. When put into comparison, this second largest crypto coin by market cap is still way down. As a matter of fact, it is more than 80% of ATH as compared to Bitcoin, which is now nearing 50%.

Ethereum price rise

There is, however, no doubt that ETH will be able to crack the $300 price mark and even make bigger gains. However, this will only happen when alt-season begins. As at now, the price movement for Ethereum is still not so fast.

A Keen Look At The Leading Altcoins

The leading ten virtual coins haven’t reacted with the normal fervor, and apart from Binance Coin that has been able to bring in 6%, nothing much has been seen. There is very little green with some of the top rated coins such as Bitcoin Cash. The same can also be said about EOS. Both of these coins have just added 2% each in the past couple of hours. However, others such as BSV are not doing so well in the market and have began to fall back.

No movements have also been reported in the side of other coins such as XLM, LTC, and XRP. Extending to the top twenty leading coins, nothing much has been recorded. However, Monero has still maintained the upside surge having just added 6% to hit a record high of $108.

FOMO – Leading Altcoin Still Moving Much Higher

Egretia is the top 100 best performing altcoin today. The entertainment-based token has managed to go up by 24% in the past couple of hours. The EGT latest momentum may have been driven by a listing that was done by the BiUP exchange that is based in Singapore. Nash Exchange, on the other hand, is also getting a 12% boost today as Vestchain has made a boost of 10% within the day.

June 21, 2019

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