CYBIT – Feel The Power Of Crowdfunding

CYBIT – Feel The Power Of Crowdfunding

CyBit is a project that is seeking to revolutionize the crowdfunding mechanism by facilitating the development and use of financial services and products. The company will help startups to raise funds through crowdfunding.

Token Sale


Symbol: CBT
ICO Launch: April 2018
Type: Utility token
Pre-ICO token supply: 2,000,000,000 tokens
Total ICO token supply: 6,500,000,000 tokens
Pre-ICO price: 1 CBT = 0.7 cents
ICO phase 1 (2 Billion tokens): 1 CBT = 10 cents
ICO phase 2 (1.5 Billion tokens): 1 CBT = 15 cents
ICO phase 3 (1.5 Billion tokens): 1 CBT = 18 cents
ICO phase 4 (1.5 Billion tokens): 1 CBT = 20 cents
Currencies accepted: ETH, BTC, and LTC

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CyBit’s Vision

The main vision for this project is to develop a new Global Marketplace that uses reliable Cryptocurrency as a payment method through Forex and crowdfunding. The methodologies that this company will use will enhance infrastructure flexibility. CyBit is mainly concerned with assisting their clients to serve more customers at no extra cost.

About Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is associated with benefits such as increased processing power, precision, and security. The technology provides all these benefits at a lower cost than the traditional systems. Technology has helped in connecting billions of people around the world regardless of their geographical location. It is now easy to bring the people together and have a crowd to fuel innovation. Crowdfunding is a demonstration of how the crowd can be harnessed for economic and other benefits.

The Role of CyBit

CyBit has facilitated various fundraising projects and enabled many businesses to realize their dreams. In 2014, the company started an independent crowdfunding platform. The company then carried out a study on the behavior of crowd investors, the weaknesses of the current crowdfunding sites, and factors that cause the funded projects to fail. “CYBIT” solution is a product of this 3-year study and will have extensive application in ICO, crowdfunding, and business running crowd financing.

cybitHow CyBit Will Work

CyBit is seeking to provide a transparent platform for the interaction between the founders, investors, and the public. CYBITONOMY is a term that refers to the principles that the company developed to enhance the relationship between those who take part in CyBit. The project will help innovators and ICO start-ups to easily raise funds, overcoming location, social-economic status, and origin challenges.

cybit crowdfuningPopularity Of Crowdfunding

Since crowdfunding received some hype in 2009, nothing significant has happened since then. However, there is a strong indication that crowdfunding will constitute a big share of Cryptocurrency in 2018. Many businesses are now looking at crowdfunding as the easiest way of mobilizing funds. This kind of funding has become especially popular among start-ups who have for a long time found it challenging to raise the required capital.

CyBit Communication Channels

Social media forms an important channel for communication for this company. The company has Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts where it gets a chance to interact with the outside world. Those wishing to know more about this project get the chance to engage the company on these platforms.

Cybit is also on Youtube where it posts important videos about the project. The company is also present in where it posts informative posts about the entire project. By visiting this website, one gets a chance to know of any upcoming events.

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June 21, 2018

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