DESTREAM – First Decentralized Global Financial Ecosystem for Streamers

DESTREAM – First Decentralized Global Financial Ecosystem for Streamers

DeStream is a project that is promising to disrupt the streaming industry by creating a platform that will simplify the content-creating process, enhance interaction with viewers, and simplify financial transactions. The project will use smart contracts and blockchain technologies to become an integral part of the streaming industry.

Destream token


Token symbol: DST Tokens
Token sale: Aug 1 – Sep 30
Price per token: 1 DST = $0.006
Total tokens available: 6B DST Tokens
Tokens available for sale: 3.6B DST Tokens
Soft Cap: $5,500,000
Hard Cap: $12,000,000

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Destream Streaming

How Destream Will Work

DeStream will not create a new platform but will instead be integrated into the various streaming platforms popular among users and streamers. The processing of connecting DeStream with Twitch or any other platform will be completed in a few clicks.

The use of a single wallet will eliminate the need to use different payment systems when the users need to connect.

Given that there will be the creation of internal marketplace and integration of the platform with external projects, DeStream Tokens will have numerous applications. The users will pay for various digital items like in-game goods using the tokens.

DeStream will develop a mechanism that will facilitate the distribution of advertisement income among different streamers. The use of specific streamer indicators will help in ensuring that the funds are shared proportionately. This will be beneficial to both the advertisers and the streamers as it will enable the former to reach more people and get better results while the latter will earn more.

DeStream is expected to lead to the growth of the streaming market. The project will achieve this by developing new models of interaction between the streamers and viewers. The project will ensure there is safety. The use of smart contracts and blockchain technologies will reduce transaction costs and enhance the relationship between the different members of the ecosystem.

How The DST Tokens Will Be Used

As a user, you can make a donation using the DST tokens. You only need to specify the number of tokens you want to donate.

The transaction fees on the platform will be charged in DST tokens.

The platform will provide the users with various digital goods that they can buy. DST tokens will be used to facilitate these transactions.

The tokens will also be used to pay for other services such as marketing and also in conducting the internal P2P operations.

DeStream is also planning to introduce debit card in the future through the partnership with one of the existing providers. The card will enable the users to pay in stores or even withdraw their money in various ATMs.

Destream On Social Media

Recently, social media has emerged as a powerful marketing tool, and DeStream has not been left behind, as it is available on Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram. The company has taken advantage of the high number of users in social media to easily reach more prospective investors and users. The company regularly provides updates about the project through social media.

Destream Team


The streaming sector is one of the fastest growing sectors. DeStream is expected to address some of the major challenges in the sector by providing more income and reliable options to streamers. Moreover, the project promises to provide users with more options. Given the enormous benefits of this project, most players in the gaming sector will seek to join the project once launched.

August 12, 2018

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