DOMINIUM – The World’s First Global Property Platform On The Blockchain

DOMINIUM – The World’s First Global Property Platform On The Blockchain

Dominium blockchain is a platform dedicated for the real estate sector. It provides property financing, property management, and property listing services to users. The blockchain is unique as it enables global property market participants to document their assets which is crucial for transparent renting, leasing, selling and management of property assets.



Token Symbol: DOM
Total Token Supply: 1 Billion DOM
Soft Cap: 2.500,000 EUR
Hard Cap: 92,500,000 EUR
Platform: Ardor Child Chain
KYC: Applicable
Accepted Currencies: IGNIS, ARDR, NXT, BNB, LTC, BCH, ETH, BTC, EUR
Whitelist: Yes
Pre-ITO Period: 15th August 2018
Pre-ITO Token Price: 0.05 EUR
Pre-ITO Token Supply: 100,000,000
ITO Period: 3rd September
ITO Price: 0.10 EUR
ITO Token Supply: 825,000,000 DOM

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DOMINIUM Property on the blockchain

The Challenge

All over the world, most potential investors prefer to use the property to store their wealth for various reasons such as speculation, prospecting or ownership. However, due to the sheer magnitude of attributive costs, these deals require large sums of money that usually tie down the investors in long-term financial commitment, for instance in servicing mortgages. This problem gives rise to illiquidity despite the value of the deal.

Not all prospective investors are able to afford the resources to enter the market due which then becomes a barrier to free entry.

On the other hand, the traditional market offers different types of real estate investments such as Real Estate Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), Real Estate Mutual Funds and Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Investments. These deals are attractive because of the often-non-volatile nature of this market.

However, the ventures have challenges such as lack of transparency, bureaucracy, inflated fees, strict government control, and even misleading costs.


The Solution

Research findings by the IBS World 2018 show that the Blockchain technology can be used to host transactions history, MLS property data, and title records. This will, in turn, eliminate the third parties that are usually involved in the process of providing liquidity over assets.

The Blockchain solution will also offer a platform of transparent finance, management, and administration of property that is critical to property financing, listing, and investments.

The Dominium Blockchain is hence, offering to the property markets a platform that will offer two core services. First, property investing. This will be anchored on the KYC and Whitelisting to create a smart contract that guides the on-platform activities. In this regard, the enrolled participants will be able to transfer their property ownership rights on a peer-to-peer basis in exchange for redeemable and liquid DST tokens.

Secondly, the Dominium Blockchain will be used by participants in managing of property. In this way, property managers, tenants, owners, leasers, and agents will record information on the blockchain for use in management purposes.

The Blockchain will use the KYC in adherence to the Anti Money Laundering Laws that some users may take advantage of. Additionally, the Ardor Main Child Chain Platform will total transparency to facilitate the compliance with government laws of legitimate investments. The platform is unique to the proof of stake on Ethereum as it ensures that privacy of users’ security of wallets as well as transparency for law enforcers and users to see.


Dominium Blockchain is a property investment, administration, and management platform. It allows users to interact on a peer-to-peer basis and in a transparent manner to source for liquidity or other services in regards to property asset.  The Whitelist and KYC registration process are rigorous and strict to protect the network’s integrity.


August 22, 2018

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