EPHELANTS 360 – Democratizing Film & TV Production

EPHELANTS 360 – Democratizing Film & TV Production

Ephelants 360, otherwise referred to as E360, is a blockchain platform that aims to be a premier solution for an inclusive ecosystem of film and TV content creation, production and distribution. It will also enable on-platform investment into the industry by talented, professional and able professionals.

The Challenge

Human Error, lack of transparency, and a lot of time spent in creating video contents are some of the challenges that face this industry and adversely affect scriptwriters, actors, and directors.

On the challenges facing the actors, there is the problem of time wastage as TV programs take a lot of time to produce and sell, affecting the livelihoods of the professional role players. Secondly, the TV directors and actors are missing a platform that accepts contributions. The shortcoming culminates from lack of capital to develop and reward high-quality content.

The E360 Solution

The Ephelants 360 is offering a new innovative system of monetizing film and TV productions. The intention of the approach is to energize the on-platform activities of the three key players who are actors, scriptwriters, and directors in developing or playing their part to film production.

The monetization of films will be undertaken through the approach of assigning XEP token to on-platform activities of film creation. Since the XEP will have a value like any other cryptocurrency, the producers will benefit from the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of the ecosystem. The end of the process will be a profitability of the venture and maximization of the value chain at all film production levels across the participation stages such as directorship, acting, etc.

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Token: XEP
Price of token: 1 XEP = $0.01, 1 BTC = 770,000 XEP, STRAT = 250 XEP, 1 ETH = 43,000 XEP
Total Tokens: 10,000,000,000
Accepting: BTC, STRAT, MasterCard, Visa, 50+ Altcoins via *Changelly.com
Min Personal Cap: Premium Sales $500, Pre-Sale $250, Main Sale $100
Premium Token Sale Period: June 28-July 25 (Complete)
Token Pre-Sale Days: July 26-Nov 21 (Ongoing)
Token Sale Date: Nov 22- Jan 2 (Planned)
Soft Cap: 720,000,000 XEP

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Features of the E360 Blockchain

1. Algorithmic Selection

This aspect will work towards improving the quality of TV and film production. The key point would be to remove human error that often makes producers redo their work leading to wastage of time, resources or a backlog of work.

The feature will entail the use of Artificial Intelligence through Machine Learning. The key service under this feature will entail the submission of scripts to the platform for AI analysis.

2. Data Transparency

The DLT technology will be ideal for participants willing to make their work verifiable and their working trackable. The platform will also enforce smart contracts to guide on-platform activities and uphold limitless risk balancing. The overall effect is confidence from investors leading to increased demand and high value for films.

3. Efficiency and Productivity

The hybrid DLT, the AI, and the production dApp will be focal to faster creation, production and release of programs to the market. Further, the E360 Blockchain platform will be used to link viewers with high-quality content and promote easy marketing.

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The E360 blockchain startup is seeking to host end to end production of films. The main focus is to monetize the industry, promote efficiency and quality. Thus, developers have incorporated features such as the AI, dApp machine learning, a community platform and so much more that is needed for a profitable film production both as an investment and a career enhancer.

September 12, 2018

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