Europe And UK-Based Users Can Now Purchase Bitcoin From The Wallet

Europe And UK-Based Users Can Now Purchase Bitcoin From The Wallet introduced an open source light client in the summer of 2017. Since that launch, close to 4 million wallets have been created. As of the 15th of April 2019, a number of features have been added to the software of the wallet. These new features now give the wallet users in Europe and the United Kingdom an opportunity to buy the Bitcoin Cash directly inside the wallet.

How The New Features Work

This open source wallet has been designed for specific reasons. Its main works are to send, receive and store the digital assets. It has been designed with a simple interface for both veterans and newcomers in the digital space. The last version of the wallet offered the users an opportunity to swap between Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash via the Sideshift platform. The latest release of the client now gives the Europe and UK-based users an opportunity to buy Bitcoin Cash directly within the wallet. This has been made possible with the new Moonpay integration.

Enhancing Global Economic Freedom Through The New Features

This new feature gives the UK and Europe users the chance to buy the coins using a debit or credit card. Small units of the crypto such as 150 pounds can be bought without the need for validating the user’s identity. However, verification will be needed for those who want to buy up to 20,000 Pounds weekly or up to 50,000 pounds on a daily basis.

Roger Ver is one of the first angel investors within the entire virtual currency space. He is also the current Chief Executive Officer of During the announcement, Ver stated that offering these kinds of resources assists in boosting the accessibility of the digital currency. He also stated that their main aim is to bring economic freedom to all people, all places. All they need to do is to make it easy for people to purchase the coin.

Roger Ver

Lower The Risk By Buying Within The Wallet

The wallet is noncustodial. Because of that, it offers a safer solution to those who want to acquire the coins. This is because there is no need to deposit funds on centralized exchange. Once the purchase has been made within the interface of the wallet, the coin will be sent directly from the main seller to the noncustodial light of the client. This move is in contrast to leaving funds on a crypto exchange for an extended amount of time. The crypto exchanges have grown to be very custodial, and that implies that the exchange has total control of the funds at all times.

Bringing An End To Exchange Breaches

For a period of time, exchange breaches have been so prevalent and there are some hacks that have hit the headlines over the past few months. One of the largest crypto exchanges in Canada lost close to $150 million just recently. Buying the crypto directly from the wallet is one of the ways this can be stopped.

April 18, 2019

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