Europeans Think Cryptocurrency Will Last A Decade, Survey Reveals

Europeans Think Cryptocurrency Will Last A Decade, Survey Reveals

A recent survey undertaken on 10,000 Europeans has brought in new revelations. According to the survey, 63% of the Europeans strongly believe that the cryptos will be around in the next decade. The respondents of the poll were, however, no so confident about the existence of the leading crypto, Bitcoin Core. They doubt if BTC will be able to last over the next ten years. Only 49% of the polled respondents believe the crypto will be around.

Majority Of The Europeans Believe That The Crypto Is Here To Stay

There are new crypto exchanges that were recently licensed to operate in the European Union. One of them is Bitflyer, a Japanese crypto exchange. On the 24th of April, the European branch of the company published a poll that was conducted on 10,000 Europeans. These residents were drawn from various countries in the larger region. The main aim of the poll was to see how popular the digital currencies have grown to become today. Among the countries that had its residents participate in the survey were Germany, Belgium, France, and Norway, among other regions. The participants had to answer this big question – Do you believe cryptos will still exist in ten years? 63% of the whole lot of respondents believe that the cryptos will still be around within the next ten years.

Norwegians Strongly Believe In The Existence Of The Cryptos

Among the polled European residents, Norwegians appear highly positive about the virtual coins. 73% of them strongly believe that the cryptos will still be on the market in the near future. It is closely followed by Italy, and the Netherlands. The other countries that strongly believe in the existence of the cryptos are Poland, Denmark, Spain, Germany and Denmark. A stronger 59% or lower was shown by the residents of the UK, Belgium, and France. According to the COO of Bitflyer Europe, Andy Bryant, the results of the poll show that individuals are looking above the prior hype of both the digital assets and the cryptos. They have now grown to be more established.

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Lack Of Confidence In The Dominance Of Bitcoin Core

Bitcoin Core is the crypto that has the largest market cap. Despite that status, the Europeans are not so confident about its future existence. Just 49% of the polled residents think the coin will still be in existence in the next ten years. When grouped based to the specific countries, Italy has 55% of those who are most confident about BTC. It is followed by Poland – 53%, the Netherlands and Spain, both at 51%, and Norway, which is at 50%. The other countries that are less confident about the coin are Denmark, Belgium, the United Kingdom, as well as France. Denmark has 49% while France has 40%. Just a meager 7% of the polled residents strongly believe that BTC will still be in place in the next ten years. They seem to have a major doubt in the future existence of Bitcoin Core as an investment.

April 26, 2019

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