FlipNpik ICO Review

FlipNpik ICO Review

FlipNpik is a Blockchain that is dedicated to serving the local businesses on social media platforms. The solution that this ecosystem offers is anchored on the collaborative model where merchants and their clients can cooperate amongst themselves to create value for goods and services. Additionally, FlipNpik is committed to creating a channel where small businesses can create a localized economy amongst themselves where they can share the available resources for their short-term and long-term growth.



Token: FNP
Pre ICO and ICO Token Distribution: 425,000,000
Post ICO Token Release over 4 Years: 575,000,000
Starting price of the Token = 0.10 EURO/0.12 USD/ FNP
Platform: Stellar
Bonus: Available
Accepting: ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH, DOGE
Min or Max Personal Cap: TBA
Soft Cap: TBA
Hard Cap: 100,000 ETHS=35,000,000 EURO
Pre ICO-Start Date: 01/07/2018-31/08/2018
ICO Start Date: 01/09/2018-31/10.2018
Country: France
Whitelist: Yes
KYC: Applicable

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The Problem

Small businesses are often at the mercy of established enterprises that have the advantage of economies of scale. This attribute enables the large enterprises to invade local economies and run small businesses out of business. For instance, they can easily source for capital or any resources to create better goods and services not to mention their ability to collect market data that is too expensive to the often cash-strapped small enterprises.

Flipnik EcosystemThe FlipNpik Solution

The FlipNpik solution will offer a 360-degree collaborative economy. This economy will comprise of users who are basically consumers of goods and services, the local businesses themselves, and partner ambassadors who are the FNP token holders.

The business will benefit from the fact that the ecosystem is designed to favor and promote local economies through the creation of a conglomerate of small businesses offering diverse products to the markets. These enterprises will have access to each other’s services that would have otherwise been outsourced on exaggerated costs from the large firms who offer it cheaply. Within the ecosystem, firms will be able to negotiate and arrive at better deals to premium services that rival those of the established multinationals.

Secondly, enterprises will gain visibility on the local scene, which will eventually propel them to greatness in the long run or at least lead to business survival in this age of open national economies.

Thirdly, from the standpoint of customers, they will be able to acquire goods and services at a fair price from businesses. By doing so, they will benefit from FNP token earnings that they can redeem on their purchases.

Lastly, partner ambassadors-the investors/token holders-will benefit from increased value of the FNP. Further, they can form a part of the market at deals that are subsidized by their tokens.

It is critical to point out that all the products and services will be purchased within the ecosystem on an e-commerce concept. Additionally, to achieve the localization of businesses, the Blockchain will automatically classify businesses according to their location in a bid to harmonize local economies.

Flipnik Advisors


The FlipNpik ecosystem will accelerate the growth of small business in local economies. To realize this ambition, it will provide a platform that fosters collaborations among enterprises to enable them to gain premium services from each other and also to access customers.

July 20, 2018

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